Social Web Is Heating Up The Next Big Market Move

Social Web Is Heating Up The Next Big Market Move

The world of web2 has been stagnate for a while. When you think about it since Facebook there's only really been a few hand selected social media platforms that have really amount to anything.

Those would be Facebook buying Instagram and Instagram holding a rather good focus and the introduction of short videos (reels).

Youtube has also remained at the top with their own shorts feature which has done very well for the platform.

Twitter a beast in it's own really had no major competition until about a year ago where countless other projects have tried to take them on including our beloved LeoThreads

Linkedin went all business and Pinterest is picture focused.

They all have their own little niche and a large community that uses them. It's pretty wild when you step back and look at the overall picture of each social network and who uses them.

Well the main competition for Twitter is about to heat up even more. It seems like Twitter out of all of these social web2 platforms has become a prime target. While many trash talk it it's a clear winner as the only reason why people are trying to copy it and take some of the market share is because of it's massive success over every other social web2 project. You don't really see anyone going out of their way to copy Facebook, Pinterest or even Instagram but you for sure see a drove of people and companies going after Twitter.

Tweet For Crypto

If you didn't know you can tweet on the blockchain via threads from a new UI from the hive blockchain called I works much like twitter however has unique advantages such as tokenomics and blockchain advantages.

New Competition

Once again Meta is trying to enter the space. After failed attempt after failed attempt on their last projects such as the metaverse they are once again at it to create a text-based conversation app.

From leaked screenshots so far of the app it looks to be very similar to twitter. It's mainly targeted towards Instagram and it's an ambitious plan to rival twitter. It's said that the app will run on top of Instagram however be "decentralized" still not sure how that's going to be a thing since the company owns it and is building it. It's also rumored that the app should be able to work with other platforms such as Mastodon.

The app is expected for release so far at the end of June.

We also have the likes of blue sky which is yet another so called "decentralized" twitter alternative from the creator of twitter himself. However that platform is on a invite only at the moment with no official release date yet that I know of.

What's clear though is LeoThreads is for sure on to something in terms of creating a decentralized and rewarding platform. It just needs a little more push over these next two months. Even if it takes just 1% of the market share it would be HUGE for the hive blockchain in general.

Really That Decentralized

While other platforms such as Meta, Blue sky etc are screaming they are decentralized they are actully the furthest thing from it. They are still centralized owners and business that own these platforms. I know of no revenue split with content creators and their version of decentralized might simply mean no one can be banned, shadow banned on the platform but I find even that hard to believe.

For myself I could care less about the platforms but being in the field I'm in means I need to constantly be on top of trends like this. The biggest question I have for all of these platforms is how they are going to be so called "decentralized" Like truly decentralized and what that means to them. I feel my version of decentralized is much different then a company and CEOs version of decentralized and it feels like them piggybacking on a trend just like they did with the metaverse.

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