NFT Games On Hive Blockchain Crypto Games

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NFT Games On Hive Blockchain Crypto Games

The NFT gaming space is starting to heat up to all new levels and with it is a new NFT craze again on platforms such as opensea. But why by a boring NFT when you can get and buy NFTs that actually do something! NFT gaming is the future and the demand is increasingly growing. By this time next year we should have high quality NFT MMO style games that will be played like elders scrolls online, new world and other MMOs but with crypto assets!

Yes real assets you own, trade and create that are traded between players it's simply revolutionary for the gaming industry.

Hive blockchain is one of the blockchains that really stands out. Currently many of the other NFT games are stuck or limited to those with large funds willing to pay $0.30 - $5+ per battle or transaction. However Hive blockchain works off of resource credits which can be give, bought or earned by posting articles such as this one I'm writing right now.

Hottest Crypto Games On Hive Right Now


Splinterlands takes the cake right now when it comes to gaming on the Hive blockchain. This is a card based game where you collect NFT cards, combine them to level them up and battle vis others. Rewards are given daily in the form of quest rewards, guild rewards and so much more. It's my all time favorite crypto game and I've been playing it for years.

New packs will be dropping soon and later land will be released which will play a huge new aspect on the game. Right now you can earn daily airdrops of SPS tokens (governance tokens) simply by being active, doing your quests and winning battles!


Rising Star


This game is very passive but it's been increasing in value over time. I suspect some of that has been fueled from the new userbase coming in from Splinterlands. This game is simple. Do daily missions with a few clicks of your mouse and earn starbits a in game currency that can be traded. Starbits can also be used to buy packs which include 3 cards that help you level up even faster and build your band.

It has a few unique aspects to it which help promote music artists and NFT music which is one very cool thing this game has going for it. Would highly recommend this one as its easy to get started and only takes 5 minutes a day of your time to click and grow.


Crypto Brew Master


Crypto Brew Master is a fun little game that has evolved to the point where I don't understand it all. There are many ways to now earn and upgrade in the game compared to before. It's easy to get started though just jump into the game click on pub in the middle and go to the bulletin board. From here do quests that only cost energy and save up enough resources to craft a bear and sell it at the register.

That will get you started and start learning the game and there's much to it such as upgrades, trading, governance/defi kind of aspect with ASH tokens and more!




DCrops is another simple game that is VERY passive. Buy packs, open them up and plant seasonal crops on your plots of land. Harvest them when complete (after a few days) and sell them. The higher you rank the more CROP token you will earn which is a tradable cryptocurrency.

Each season is 15 days long and only certain crops can be planted during those seasons.

Coming Soon



eXode to me seems like a very ambitious project that has a lot of moving parts and a system of gameplay that is more real instead of turn based. I have to say playing the Alpha on this game has been a huge learning curve but that was Alpha. With some polishing and building this project could become one of those massive MMO type games into the new year that I was talking about above. It has strong potential if it's executed correctly.

Check out the recent interview with @jongolson on his podcast called CryptoManicas



This looks like a pretty cool game with great artwork so far on the drops. There's not much to it yet we are still waiting for pack opens and then the game but it looks like a very promising project to keep a watchful eye on. You can check out their website for more details here

Fishing Master

This upcoming game looks pretty cool. Who doesn't love fishing and collecting rare fish! Every game I've ever known has added in fishing so I see this one being a very big possibility to being popular. It's still currently being built but it's expected to launch somewhat soon. It gives me the vibe so far of being like Crypto Brew master seen above.


Do you have a crypto gaming project you want to work on ? As you can see Hive is a great place to launch your own project. With no fees, low resource credit costs and a very active and growing community launching your next project on the Hive Blockchain would be a smart move!

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