Newbie Guide To CUB Finance with bLEO & BNB

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I'm almost ashamed to admit it took me a good part of 7-8 hours today to wrap my head around DeFi in a crash course with the launch of Cub Finance. But hey it's totally brand new to me and sometimes new things can take a bit to grasp.

Note: I've never really researched or touched DeFi till now so that should go to tell you something lol

This article is going to go over my understanding and how you too can get started with Cub Finance. It's going to be the biggest newbie post ever but I feel like a lot of people are in a similar spot and this could help.

Consider this the DeFi CUB training for dummies


Primarily this article will go over the bLEO and BNB
METAMASK Converted to BNB
HIVE KeyChain
BNB and possibly a lot of it!
*There are possible errors in this article so consider it a work in progress. As I get feedback and learn more I will update this article to reflect that.


Setting Up MetaMask To Work With BNB

Step One: You need Metamask and you need to have BNB in it and a decent amount. You need to cover the cost of BNB with how much bLEO you'll be adding.

You can view details on getting a Metamask wallet here

For instants let's say you want to add 100bLEO which is 100 LEO wrapped to the pool. That's roughly a $66 value at LEOs price of $0.66 each.

That means you need $66 in value in BNB as well in order to match that plus some on top of it to pay fee's which are rather low.

Step Two: Update MetaMask to use BNB

Details on this found here


Wrap Your Unstaked LEO into bLEO

This step is rather straight forward and well written here.


Add Liquidity bLEO

Basically you visit with your MetaMask wallet and connect it. From there you will be changing your bLEO into liquidity. This is done at a 1:1 conversion $ value in BNB token plus a small fee on top of it.

Once this is created you now can add it into one of the farms. In this case since we are working with bLEO your farm would be bLEO-BNB LP

You will first need to click Approve Contract which has a small BNB transaction fee plus a 2% fee. From there you can then stake your bLEO-BNB LP

Once completed you have the option to now stake your bLEO which comes with a transaction fee in BNB for whatever the current rate is.


This will at least get you setup and start earning and understand Cub Finance. Like I said up to this is a totally newbie post from what I learned in a few hours today after never having messed with DeFi before. I figured there are others in this spot and thought this might be helpful.

If you have questions please drop them in the comments as I plan to write more about Cub Finance in the future and continue researching all the workings of how it all operates.

The questions I still have

  1. What are the risks when investing into a pool?

  2. What gives value to CUB?

  3. A host of other questions but leave yours below and I'll do my best to get you answers ASAP.

  4. How the heck can I add BTC to the Den with Metamask?

That and more coming soon!


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