Earn Binance (BNB) rewards in CubDefi Kingdoms

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Earn BNB rewards with CubDeFi

It's been a long time coming, a feature many have wanted and looked forward to. The good news. It's finally here! Now you can earn BNB rewards for staking your CUB DeFi tokens into Kingdoms.

LeoFinance Twitter account shared this screenshot with us today. You can follow them at Official LeoFinance Twitter Account


What does it mean?

For staking CUB it means that you will earn BNB dividends from staking the CUB. This is an extra bonus on to already harvesting CUB. It's a portion of the fees collected on the DeFi platform.

From the original time table we are a bit off for releases but still this is one of the ones I really really excited for. (not really for myself to profit off of but to pretty much cover BNB fees for doing swaps and adding them into kingdoms I hate fees lol)

What's still to come?

From the roadmap we can see there are still some large key features to be released on CUBDeFi the largest being the IDO feature which will allow you to stake/trade CUB-BUSD and gain access to presale prices on a target IDO token.

The other big update will be with Polygon gets added to CUBdefi. Adding Polygon will open up a huge marketplace in particular that of the Ethereum network. Not only will CUB be using Binance but it will also be tapping into Ethereum which is the much larger of the two DeFi blockchains accounting for 3/4ths of the DeFi TVL.

Huge Potential Already

If you didn't hear already Splinterlands has rocket its way to being one of the most popular Play To Earn games. This game is also part of CUBDeFi by providing liquidity to the platform in the shape of DEC/BUSD you'll be earning CUB tokens.

As Splinterlands grows in popularity this could become a more integral part of CUB (that's just my guess) as the amount of velocity, swapping and volume could be massive.

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