Crypto Has Major Potential Right Now

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Crypto Has Major Potential Right Now

While I dislike using the word potential it very much applies to what is going on right now. At this very moment crypto has the potential to break away from the corrupted banking and government system and return to it's roots which truly gave it serious power.

While everything for sure wont be dismantled in terms of centralized exchanges, tokens and projects now is a critical time for crypto to start developing and becoming more robust against these systems.

One thing I've noticed is while there's a huge outcry for applications and development there is very little that is actully happening and going on. Instead what we get are often highly centralized projects where developers just can't bring themselves to let go and allow it to do what it does best. Bitcoin really is still the staple of what crypto should be and we are seeing that with the major rallies happening in crypto with the stock market and banking system quickly start to crumble.


Because frankly myself included are simply tired of government, sec, regulations etc that do nothing but remove freedoms and make more people have less money only to give it to a wasteful and honestly distasteful government.

A vast majority of people are getting tired of it and I only see it increasing over the next few years.

The Increasing Threat To Crypto

I believe at least I hope most people understand how the government is constantly attacking and trying to destroy and capture crypto. Let me be clear about this. Governments will never truly adopt crypto! They want to hold control and if anything take over more control so while you might think crypto is getting adopted by governments it's actully making them more powerful and controlling in terms of tracking funds, your right to privacy including financial privacy and much more.

These attacks constantly keep coming after crypto when in reality they have nothing to do with crypto and instead just about the same greedy and misguided people. Take FTX for example, that entire thing wasn't really crypto it was more fiat funds and higher ups more than anything.

Next came the banking sector which they tried to blame crypto for being the downfall for it. Yeah no almost all of that money was invested into government backed bonds and it was primarily from VCs and not your every day people. It's the higher ups that are all crying and then we wonder why there is constantly an increasing gap between the haves and have nots in the USA.

What Needs To Happen Next

We simply need more development across the board but development that is not single controlled and instead community controlled. For the most part the closest thing I can think of to that would be hive. While I believe hive is still kind of centralized from a select few holders of 500k+ I've personally set out a goal to really start stacking my own hive and spreading it out to others via curation rewards for good quality content. I say good because at least showing a decent amount of work and time into a post shows to me a level of commitment and belief in what they are doing compared to someone that isn't.

Overall now is the time to seriously act and start rebuilding the fundamentals of what made crypto great in the first place. My hopes are places like Polygon (MATIC) and other DAO projects at least start paving a bit of the way including hive. This is why I say Hive needs to start acting now at a much faster and high quality pace. Applications like 3speak need to start rolling out better UI's, ad supported to drive revenue which will drive adoption, LeoFinance rolling threads out of alpha and start implementing ad buy backs in a decentralized way and more.

Will we see it?

My hopes are high and I'm going to do my best on my own capabilities to support such projects that share this vision.

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