5 More AI Productivity Tools Advance Yourself

Much hate continues against AI but for one I am embracing it. Just like any new tech there is a group of people who try and fight for their jobs instead of evolving and improving themselves to adapt to the changes. Just like a business needs to be agile, so do people in the work environment.

While there are plenty of bad things and things to fear about AI there’s also a very positive side and I feel that the same for everything including blockchain and crypto. There’s a dark side but there’s also a HUGE evolution in the entire system.

Here’s a list of 5 of the top AI tools I’ve been using recently to improve my own capabilities and save me time/money.

1 Bardeen

Workflows are a critical part to any business large or small now. However building them was a massive time and resource sink to setup. But with Bardeen you can now input commands and have the AI build out everything for you.

2 Mailyr AI

Do you hate writing up emails or just such as copywriting? Well this little AI tool is going to help you crank out the best sales pitches for email ever. Just give it some basic commands to get it start and let this AI do the work for you.

This is a HUGE time and MONEY saver for me. Copywriters often charge $100+ per email for those who are good and worth it. If you want to do it yourself it takes time to learn it and also a fair bit of time to write it. Both of these are now eliminated for the most part with this AI.

3 StockIMG

I wrote about this one a bit before in my other Top 5 AI tools To Boost Productivity but I had to mention it again as there are so many times you just need a filler image but scanning through thousands of royalty free images is a pain. Now this AI create a unique stock image you can use for your post.

4 Vizologi

Knowing your target audience and other market research for your startup is critical to success. This AI takes what would take days if not months of work and compiles it all of you giving you competitive analysis and a business plan.

5 Nando

Nando lets you connect with GhatGPT on a whole new level. Coaches and mentors are critical to the success of a business. They provide the insight of years of trial and error and help you on your path to success faster. However those resources where often locked up behind thousands if not millions of dollars or simply no longer for sale. Until now that is. With Nando AI you’ll connect with these people and hold conversations to help couch you towards success and best of all it’s FREE.

There you have it! Five AI tools I’ve been using this last week to boost productivity, have fun and learn from. It’s all about leveling yourself up and AI provides the ability for anyone to now do that who has internet access.

Have a AI tool you really love and use? Let me know in the comments.

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