A simple guide on how to swap various tokens on the hive keychain.

When I just started hive, I didn't want anything to do with the financial aspect. I just wanted to write and get people to resonate with.

I had thought if the need for any transaction arise, my onboarder is there and would do it from her end. But I was in for a shocker, when I told her I needed to swap to HBD the dreem token I had received from #deelornodeel and she asked me to download hive keychains.

I'm like "what do I need that for? please do it from your end and transfer to me".

She said No, that the transaction has to be done on keychain with my hive account. At the time I honestly did not understand any of what she was saying.

I even volunteered to give her my keys let her do it for me, but she refused and insisted I download the hive keychain dapp being that is the only way I can learn.

She went further to explain the processes to follow for the swap after downloading the keychain dapp but I wasn't paying attention, as I felt I will follow the various commands and just get on with it.

Then I downloaded the app, I signed in my account ready to do some swapping with my dreem token. But as a first timer, it felt a little complicated for me.

I kept going round in circles and it was dead in the night. I could not call my onboard to repeat what she had told me, as she was fast asleep. So I was just clicking on everything that made sense and the worse happened, instead of swapping my dreem tokens to HBD, I transferred it to a wrong account and I wanted to run koko.

When my onboarder heard of it, she immediately swung into action and I was able to retrieve my dreem tokens as the account I had mistakenly transferred it to was none existing.

After that experience, I sat my self down one day and learned the tenets of the hive keychain dapp. I know how much each tokens are worth in HBD/hive and nobody can cheat me lol. Certainly, I won't be such a cheerful giver doing mistaken token transfer to other people's account.

Hive keychain contest

There is an ongoing contest with hive keychain, the reward is mouth watering and you can participate here

For the sake of this contest and to show all I have learned. Lets do some swapping from dreem to Hive, then hive to leo.

First, get your keychain App. I got mine from google play store on my android phone.

Next I opened and scrolled a bit then the bottom icons appeared. Mine wasn't labelled so it was a blind guess to locate the swap option. The one circled red is the swap icon.

For the third step, I input dreem for the first column. I proceeded and input the amount of dreem token I wanted to swap, I just clicked max since it wasn't much. Automatically, the dreem token converted to the hive worth in the second column where I had input the token option to be hive.

Finally I clicked on swap and a summary of the transaction popped up, of which I had cross checked again for accuracy. Satisfied, I then proceeded to clicking confirm

Then viola, a confirmation for a successful transaction was sent.

For extra assurance that it was a successful transaction, I went to my hive wallet history by clicking on the hive column on the page.

The column expanded and I clicked on the part I circled red at the top right corner

*I was then shown my transaction history *

After a successful transaction swapping my dreem token for hive, I repeated same step and swapped my hive for leo tokens.


3 columns
2 columns
1 column
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