MId Week Trading update

Yesterday was a terrible day for the market, but a good day to be short. I found myself on the right side of that trade, I was long some calendar put spreads which netted me about 900 for the day, and about 700 of that was profit. It was definitely more then a 2-5% move, so I will be taking some of the profit today.

My total account is sitting at 22% for the year, but I have only be trading the original 5k plus my earnings for the year. So I am currently up, before the market opens, 3099 dollars. So if you take that into consideration the 5k I am up 61.98% way above my target.

So to be on pace at the highest target level of 5% per week compounding. I would need to be at $6077.53 I have been fortunate to be way past my goals, and am currently at $8,099.00 which is $2,022 a head of target. I am glad to be ahead then behind my goal.

I will probably lose some of the profit getting out of the trades today, but I will still be well ahead of the target, by 4 to 5 weeks. So I can take a nap right? No, money never sleeps.....


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