NUG start selling Bond today.

NUG(National Unity Government) from Myanmar start selling Bond at today 9:00 am Myanmar time.

It aims to raise $1 billion from the two-year bonds, which do not offer interest. They are planning to use this funds for for social and humanitarian support, including health care, education, social care and funding for military personnel and police officers who defect.

The bonds are valued at $100, $500, $1,000 and $5,000.

Sample for Bonds

USD 100 and 500 BondUSD 1000 and 5000 Bond

People has to buy at least 100$ bond. More people need to gather and make a group buy to save transaction fees.

It is said that businesses can safely buy bonds with each investor given a secret ID to hide their identity for security reasons.


I have another thought for this matter. For those who do not have connection with foreign and for those who can not use 100$ to buy Bond I want to creat a Bond pool and sell Bond backed token.

I will sell token with 1000 Kyats(Kyat is Myanmar currency) so everybody can buy this token. I will buy more Bonds with the money getting from selling token.

Bonds will serve as collateral but token will have its own value. So people do not need to worry about losing their money. Bonds has no interest so they will not get profit by buying Bond. I hope to create an exchangable token that pegged with Myanmar Kyats. I also want to promote Hive blockchain in Myanmar. So this is a good chance for me and also for Myanmar people. They can support NUG by buying Bond backed token.


Thanks for reading my post. Please comment what are you thinking on this matter.


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