What does Splinterlands mean to you?


I just checked the market value of my Splinterlands deck, and to be completely honest, it feels surreal. It's like I'm looking at something I only dreamed of, and I got quite emotional.

I played Splinterlands because it seemed like fun that was reminiscent of Pokemon card battle. Little did I know that somewhere along the line, this game could actually be worth enough to be my mainstay.

How it began

It's funny when I think about how I started playing the game in the first place. Unlike most people, I didn't even have to buy a spellbook because I was fortunate enough to be gifted it by Ken Bosak on Twitter.

At the time, I believe Ken was doing some influencer marketing for Splinterlands, as he played the game regularly and streamed it on Twitter. I think he put out a tweet about a free voucher and then I hit him up in his inbox.

How it's going

Who would have thought that something so seemingly clandestine and trivial would grow into this kind of investment? It beats everything I ever imagined it could be and I'm just in shock as to where we are right now.

Anyway, in case you've not been keeping up, Splinterlands is experiencing a major pump. It's in what we'd usually call a bull market, however, unlike traditional assets, it doesn't have any specific trend to follow, it's just plain old demand and supply.

Virtually every asset that's affiliated with the game is rising in value and there doesn't seem to be any ceiling in sight. Every time I think "okay, this is it, we're there", I notice the value rises even further.

It's like the game is an unending cycle of proving me wrong, and yes, you guessed right, I want it to continue. It's the gift that keeps on giving and all I can say is that there are some exciting times in the future.

Always remember to remember

It's not been an easy journey for all parties involved. This current situation is a byproduct of many years of development and hard work by the team.

Also, Splinterlands has a cult followership that I absolutely enjoy, and this band of investors doesn't let things slide. There's a real belief in the future of this game and it has led to serious growth.

Making it work

This airdrop has been quite the revelation. I believe it is the catalyst of the surge in prices and to make matters better, the market doesn't seem to be tired.

At the last time I checked, the market capitalisation of Splinterlands has actually surpassed the value of Hive. It just goes to show how much effort that this team has put into the game.

Yesterday, I predicted $0.5 before people start selling but it turns out I was being too conservative. Right now, the value of the SPS token is around $0.7 and so a $1 valuation is actually not out of the question.

If things stay as it is or rise to a nice range, that perhaps hovers between $0.75-$1, I could be looking at earning an average of $66 per day from the airdrop.

This is of course being very optimistic and even if I go bearish and say it falls lower to dirt cheap at $0.1, that's still roughly $8 per day for simply holding and playing a game. Right now, there's no bearishness insight and so, up is where we'll keep going.

So, let's assume it settles at somewhere around $50 a day from the airdrop, I'll be earning $1k every 20 days. In one year, I'll have earned $18,250 and will be one step closer to relocating me and my family out of the country.

Well, that's under the assumption that there's no emergency and that I sell off all my earnings. In reality, things will be a lot different.

Regardless of the value of SPS tokens, I intend to stake anywhere between 60-90% of my earnings from the airdrop. I mean, what's the point of earning money if I won't make the money work for me?

So what does it mean?

I intend to take a profit because of the bigger picture. However, because of the same bigger picture, I also have to stake tokens. I have to ensure that this opportunity turns into a proper investment opportunity for me that heralds growth in my portfolio.

This means that Splinterlands is going to move from "just another game" to a steady means of income for me and many others. If the market continues on this trend, simple daily quests, card trades, and activities within the game will be life-changing experiences for virtually everyone involved.

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