$2500 per month from Splinterlands will change my life


The numbers are in and I must say, they look very encouraging. Judging by the projected earnings from my daily SPS airdrop, I feel a certain level of assuredness for the future.

As nice as it sounds though, crypto doesn't work like that and along the way, there will be fluctuations. However, most of the time, your chances of making it is about timing and decision making.

At the time of writing, there are roughly 286 days of SPS airdrop left to come. In that period, there will be fluctuations in price, and the number of tokens you receive every day.

If the competition gets stiffer because of demand, then your SPS volume reduces, and the dollar valuation of SPS or DEC rises accordingly.

The question is, will you be able to stay the course? Will you make it to the end?

Fuelling my long term goals

I have a bunch of long-term goals to achieve and they're heavily dependent on finance. Assuming I was to achieve it from my SPlinterlands earnings, then I'd need SPS tokens to get to about $5 and just instantly fix the problem.

Assuming things stay as they are right now, I reckon that in six or seven months, I should be in a relatively good position to get us out of here.

Ultimately, it's all money and SPS is where I'm getting most of the money from.

I've been able to pull out some funds from selling assets and tokens but most of my earnings have actually been reinvested. I'll talk about that topic in a separate post.

The point is that there's a chance that SPS might just be the solution to my relocation problem but that is all dependent on if prices stay at a healthy level and maybe even rise to astronomical heights.

Also, since I intend to continue staking SPS while taking profit, this might slow down the process but that's still fine. At the current rate of daily SPS I receive, I just need to stake tokens consistently for 12 days to achieve my target of 1k SPS staked per month and the remaining 18 days are free game.

Also, considering that I earn even a bit more SPS from staking and the amount of SPS from staking increases as you state more SPS, then in later months, the amount of SPS I stake from my daily airdrop will reduce.

More money to run

This is a welcomed development in my books but all of that is dependent on the price of SPS tokens and that's what scares me.

The Splinterlands market is very reactive and the trading activities have seemed very kneejerky. I hope I'm wrong though, and I hope people stay the course like I intend to.

I hope the game brings in even more investors that will enable the expansion and growth of the platform.

I don't know about other people but right now, I'm heavily dependent on Splinterlands and that's something that scares and reinvigorates me in equal measure. If things continue to proceed as they've been going in recent times, I'll be fine but if something goes wrong, all my plans are fucked.

For what it's worth, Splinterlands has a glittering track record, and so I'm fairly confident about the success of the project. However, there's nothing wrong with a dose of pessimism in your optimistic coffee to give it a more balanced taste.

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