Splinterlands revenue vs HBD Savings

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According to Peakmonsters, my deck is currently valued at around $1800 and it is only fair, considering how much I've invested in it. However, today, I started wondering if I'm actually receiving proper returns from such value.

Since it is on hive, I started wondering how much value I could earn if I decided to liquidate the deck and move my asset to something safer like HBD.

Assuming I held 1800 HBD in savings, I'd be earning 20% APR. That puts my annual simple interest earning at 360 HBD for saving 1800 HBD.

Keep in mind that if you don't pull out your monthly HBD earning from savings, your income automatically comounds but let's act like it doesn't for the simplicity of the calculation. So, assuming you save 1800 HBD as principal and earn simple interest, you'd be earning $30 per month from your savings.

So, this begs the question, are my Splinterlands assets offering better recurrent value than HBD savings would offer?

The case for HBD

HBD is an algorithmically regulated stable coin backed by Hive crypto and the Hive community in general. The asset maintains its peg through a magical process controlled by the blockchain and we're not going to get into that because there are already a lot of resources available, if you seek knowledge.

Anyway, one special thing about HBD is that it offers up to 20% APR for saving it on the blockchain. As I said, it is backed by a completely logical and functional magical process that you can read about but one thing for sure is that it is NOT backed by hubris like UST of LUNA.

Anyway, saving in HBD has provided a safety net, of sorts, for many Hive investors. You can sleep easy knowing that you're earning an easy 20% APR over the course of the year and considering how much of a train wreck this year has been for crypto, I'd say that's fair value.

In the not-so-distant past, HBD experienced some strange pumps that took it a long way off the required peg. I wouldn't necessarily refer to those events as the norm, as they are outliers and technically speaking, a deviation from the path that HBD should follow.

Unlike SPlinterlands assets which are heavily affected by the general state of the market, HBD has proven to be insulated from the variations in the market. With HBD, you're safe and secure.

Splinterlands case

Sometimes, being safe and secure isn't really all that. Where's the fun in playing it safe when you can swim the dangerous, high risk and high rewards waters of the crypto market?

You could say that perhaps holding on to Splinterlands assets at a time when the entire market is taking a beating isn't exactly wise. However, all the non-plebs will tell you that this is actually the best time to accumulate assets.

The way I see it, the fact that the bear market affected Splinterlands assets so harshly means that a bull market could potentially have the reverse effect.

Besides, Splinterlands assets can hardly be considered risky assets considering how much value the game economy brings for investors and players.

Speaking of value, keep in mind that if you're either actively playing or have a rental business, you're still technically still earning recurrently. With a $1800 deck, it is safe to say that you can earn a decent amount monthly from your assets.

I spend more time playing and according to Peakmonsters, in the last month, I earned around $25 worth of assets in the game. Granted that the bear market might have eaten into their value, for now, worrying about short-term moves means you miss the point.

The assets I earn from daily and seasonal chests could easily quadruple in value in the near future. That is something that "playing it safe" with HBD will never offer.

In Summary

The truth is that the decision is dependent on how you intend to play it and your risk tolerance. Splinterlands assets could easily see their value halved if the crypto market continues to bleed but HBD will still be stable.

Splinterlands assets represent the long game; the patient dog eating the fatest pump and all that. HBD, on the other hand, is the safe bet for anybody not willing to risk it.

Personally, I prefer having a bit of both world and trying to keep a healthy balance. I regularly move assets around and generally just try to stay on top of things and ensure that the numbers go up.

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