Social responsibility, Portugal and some notes about relocating


Hive is still evolving every day and as it does, it carries the growing community with it. In fact, the community and Hive have something like a symbiotic relationship.

Hive is the community and the community is hive, so we rub off each other. A win for one is usually a win for all because of the symbiotic relationship.

This relationship is the reason why whenever there's some development in individual projects like Leofinance or Splinterlands, it always finds a way to rub off on the entire community.

At this point in time, we're at the brink of a huge price movement and I reckon that the weekdays are going to be monumental. Thanks to the price movement, it has brought even more attention and population to the community.

When Hive got to upwards of $3, many people were talking about it. Some people fomo-ed into it while others invested time into the platform.

New accounts were springing up out of the blues and the community was buzzing out of control. Many people that joined the community came in for the money and that's fine but along the way, just like I did during my early days, I learned that true value lies in the network.

In my previous publication, I talked about my dream of reaching 80 reputation next year. Not going to lie, that's a lofty dream but it's only achievable if I double down and become even more active in the community.

Here's the thing though, performing social activities like publishing posts, commenting, curating and stuff like that is in fact everyone's responsibility around here.

Content creation is the product that Hive has to offer, and without it, there will be no hive. In the same way, interaction through comments, reblogging, and curation is equally important because that's how the product we offer generates value that is transmitted to the outside community.

So at the end of the day, what this means is that we all have a social responsibility to participate in some way. So regardless of the size of your stake, or your location, you have to still be active around here.

Besides, despite being a social responsibility, it's also very rewarding to be a part of the system. So in essence, your social responsibility is to ensure you're participating and getting paid, and that doesn't sound so bad if I do say so myself.

D7 Visa

On a different note, my plans to relocate to Europe took a positive twist when I got wind of the D7 Visa in Portugal. So far, it's the cheapest and most affordable route out of Nigeria.

The terms of the visa require me and my wife to be able to generate approximately 12k Euros income per year. It also requires us to get a NIF that enables us to open a bank account in Portugal.

Right now, I'm still researching ways to get a NIF. The fastest way is going to be through a company that I'll pay about 60 Euros or so.

Thanks to this new development, we've started looking at Portugal and learning stuff about the place. Also, thanks to Hive community's social features, we'll also be reading posts from people in Portugal to learn even more about the place.

One of the best things I've read so far is that there's a very low tax on crypto in Portugal. I'm going to pick @revisesociology's brain about the place and get more information about it.

Portugal is also a nice destination for us because our income is 100% crypto and it seems the country is a crypto-friendly destination, so I won't need to explain too much about how I earn $200 per week from blogging and playing games on Hive.

In summary

Portugal ticks all the boxes for a destination to relocate to. I don't know how many job opportunities are available, especially considering the language barrier but that's something I'm going to learn as soon as possible.

Portugal is a crypto-friendly location and looks like it has jumped to the second position in our ranking of places to move to. There's still a lot we have to figure out though.

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