This Is Why You Should Download The Leofinance Mobile Application


The Leofinance mobile application is a recent addition to the Leo suite of applications. It's a portal that enables you access the Hive Blockchain through a Leo lens.

As one of the leading projects on Hive Blockchain, Leofinance has consistently strived to provide multiple ways to generate value. This Leofinance mobile application is yet another addition that will drive more traffic, engagement and general activities on the platform.

The Leofinance mobile application is available for both android and apple users. To download it, simply go to your official app store on your device and search for "Leofinance".

Once installed, you can easily login to Leofinance through the highly recommended hivesigner or simply just input your key to access your Hive account.

Note that the Leofinance application pretty much mirrors everything you see in the normal Leofinance website. This means that the only publications from outside communities(Communities that are not Leofinance) you'll see in the app are those that carry "Leo" "Leofinance" tags or were posted directly from Naturally, you will also see you publications that were posted directly into the Leofinance community with Peakd or

I initially couldn't use the Leofinance mobile application because it kept freezing, perhaps due to the fact that my phone operates on Android 12. However, after a recent update it started working smoothly and for the past couple of days, it has made quite the impression.

Boosts engagement

After using the application for an hour, I decided I was going to challenge @taskmaster4450, @khaleelkazi and whoever else is in the running for the weekly 100 Leo engagement contest. This is because, thanks to the smoothness of the application, navigation is extremely easy.

This application is easily one of the most effective ways to access hive. Unfortunately, you're only limited to the Leofinance front end but that takes nothing away from how effective it is.

The fact that the Leofinance mobile application runs so smoothly will invariably be good for the retention of users on the application. This will, in turn, contribute favourable to ad revenue and then boost the price of Leo tokens in the long run.


Another interesting feature is the push notifications that is quite refreshing. Seeing that Leofinance logo at the top of your screen will definitely ensure the application has more active users.

Push notifications is also a solid way to boost user retention. It is a subtle reminder to use the application for some purpose.

Search bar works well

The search bar is also a nice touch. It enables you to easily locate specific content on the blockchain.

Leofinance has already established itself as the premium location for crypto, Blockchain and finance related publications. This means that anybody looking for tailored information about any related content will find something there.

The Leo community is rapidly growing, with over 13K members and rising, there's almost certainly going to be something for every body. It's also worth pointing out that while Leofinance works to grow the Hive brand, it's pretty much a crypto agnostic community, so everyone is welcomed to use the application.

In development

Note that the application is still in development, so all aspects may not entirely work well. For me, the part that I noticed was a little shaky was the wallet.


Wouldn't it be awesome if I actually had 12K Leo tokens? Yeah the wallet side might need some looking into.

Then again, I only granted permission with my private posting key, so that might be a factor. I believe later updates will look into the wallet side.

In summary

I believe the Leofinance mobile application is a great way to access and interact on Hive. It is an application that I reccomend for every Leo community member.

The text editor is pretty standard and offers pretty much what you'd expect from a Hive dapp. It also has a draft that enables you save your posts.

Leofinance mobile compatible with virtually all devices and will dramatically improve the social media experience in the community. So if you don't have it already, then go to your app store and get it real quick.

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