Peter Schiff has always been a low key Bitcoin Shill


I've always known Peter was doing some reverse marketing for crypto and the fact that he constantly talked about Bitcoin was evidence enough. To further prove my point, he's been reported to have launched an NFT collection on Bitcoin network that has caused a stir in the crypto social media.

It's a very interesting situation that took everyone but me by surprise. I've seen Peter constantly stir up shit on Twitter for a while now and it always seemed like it was building up to this moment.

Peter's social media rants remind me of the playground bully that bullies a girl that he actually has a crush on. It is a tale as old as time and one that Peter has eventually played out in front of us.

The way I see it, it is not normal to "hate" something and constantly talk about it. In fact, the only exception is Spurs fans like @blanchy who support a club that constantly causes them mystery, so they rely on Arsenal's richer and illustrious standing for their kicks. It's okay fren, we got you.

Cointelegraph is among the media houses to report the story and they refer to Peter as a "crypto hater". Well, he's not much of a hater now, is he?

Bitcoin Maximalist might be born

The natural transition for people like Peter is to follow the path that Michael Saylor. It starts with hate, moves to acceptance, delusional romance(maximalist) and then further acceptance of the fact that there's more to the industry than Bitcoin.

For a long time, I've been fairly certain that Peter Schiff's opinions about Bitcoin were rooted in the fact that he simply wanted attention. Now that he's garnered enough attention, he's pressing on his advantage by launching an NFT collection.

In the near future, he will realise that now that he's crept into the rabbit hole, he might as well follow through to the end. At that point, he will then proceed to wax lyrical about his love for Bitcoin, and eventually cringicically add laser eyes to his profile.

Be prepared for cringe tweets like this

After going balls deep in Bitcoin, he will delve deeper into the crypto hornets nest, making objective assertions about the short comings of Bitcoin and realizing that there are alternatives. This will take a very long time but slowly but surely, he will morph into a crypto enthusiasts and crypto Twitter will forgive him for all his misdeeds because, let's face it, we're a very forgiving bunch that needs as many allies as we can get.

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