Silver First. Rum Later - Part 2 with Mini Contest Results


And The Results Are In ..

First, incase you are just joining the conversation and are wondering what this post is about, it's about a small mini contest I made about a week ago. I purchased a few new silver coins (21 to be exact), and thought I would throw a few HIVE to anyone who could guess what I purchased by just looking at the one side of the coins.

Here is the original post...

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First Silver. Rum Later ~ Or Instead Of Rum, How About A 5 HIVE PRIZE???

Well... It was a tough guess to make. There wasn't much to go on by simply seeing only one side of the coin.. that with the Queens bust and maybe a few choice words and a date. Only a total of 5 people decided to throw their hat in the ring and take a guess. The following people took a guess - @thedamus, @kerrislravenhill, @dfinney, @bulldog-joy, and @goldrooster were brave enough to try.

Almost everybody made at least one correct guess!

Those of you who guessed totally wrong (all three guess wrong), know who you are .. And I am still proud of you! I appreciate everyone humoring me, even if you didn't make a guess out of principle. lol. Since there was no winner, I will be splitting the 5 HIVE prize among all of those who took a stab at it ..


And As soon as I am done posting this I will transfer 1 HIVE to each of the people listed above :-)

What Did I Buy?



The James Bond Silver ..


What a cool set of coinage! I had my eye on these James Bond series coins for a little while now, and wanted to pick up a few of them to maybe eventually sell again to leverage into more silver. Now that the last James Bond movie is released, maybe merchandise like this gain some premium in the coming years. We’ll have to wait and see, otherwise it’s still 1 ounce of pure silver! Not to mention the premium over spot was not that bad on these coins when I purchase them.

Perth mint came out with this 2020 to 1 ounce colorized silver coin. They came in plastic capsules as well! What a wonderful change from the flips I’ve been collecting recently. This particular coin has a black colorization and they minted only 30,000 of these. A simple but iconic logo on the reverse!

The Chinese Myths & Legends Dragon Silver ..


This is another Perth mint coin from their first release in the Chinese myths and legends series. This was also a limited mintage release of 45,000 coins. They also arrived in a capsule and are in brilliant uncirculated condition. I’m kind of interested in the series because of the artwork. I am really loving the artwork on these coins, but the pictures online to pick the coin to be a little bit different than what it actually is when it arrives. What I mean by that is that the image was much glossier and busy. It’s hard to actually make out the edges of the dragon. I had a hard time telling what was up and what was down. That’s the only drawback in the only thing that may keep me from purchasing any more in the series.

Again, I purchased 10 of these coins in hopes that they would appreciate in premium and that I would be able to trade up one day.

New Zealand Niue Hawksbill Turtle Silver ..


JM Bullion is running a sale on the coin right now. They are taking a bit off the premium so if you want one you better rush over there and get it! Anyhow, I picked this coin up, and only one of them, simply because of the turtle design. I thought the design and the turtle looked pretty cool. I’ve seen turtles on coins before and it has become of interest to me since then. I am also working on a small turtle themed oil painting, which I will post about in the future. This turtle will accompany the painting quite nicely.

The coin has quite the history spanning almost a decade. This is the eighth issue of this particular coin unlike the others it contains one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. Coin arrived in brilliant uncirculated condition except it was in a flip instead of a capsule.


In Conclusion ..

I was lucky enough to pick up some more cool 1 ounce silver coins, added to my stack, and even gave away a few HIVE. Speaking of.. I better end this thing and get that transferred to the hungry wallets of those who participated.

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Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!


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