My Hive Goals - Weekly Progress Report

It is really fun to create a weekly progress report based on our progress on Hive. I have to admit that after creating goals on Hive, things have become competitive and interesting for me to achieve. I did not strain myself by adding tough goals to my list. I have almost completed most of my goals and I still have only a few left to be completed. I don't see a big challenge in completing them too.

Last week was pretty good and I was able to successfully do a swing trade on Hive. I bought some Hive for around 78 cents and sold them for a little over 1 $. This was a great experience I should say. If I keep doing this a few times, I'm sure I will be able to achieve big soon. We can do swing trades only on tokes we trust the most and only on tokens that we are familiar with. It is a risky business to do some trades like that. I'm glad that the wind was favorable for me.

27,000 Hive Power

Last week, when I was writing the progress report, I thought it could be a little challenging to achieve this before the year-end. But after seeing the opportunity for swing trades as well, I'm gaining some confidence here. Even if I find it hard to achieve this before the end of the year, I will somehow invest further and make it 27k Hive power sooner.

Moreover, the curation rewards and author rewards are also contributing to my goals. I have to admit that my articles are doing pretty decent for the time I spend on them and the curation rewards are also gradually increasing. I want to reach a point where I don't have to stress myself too much on any work and keep earning the passive income alone.


Looks like last week's progress was also pretty decent and stable and gradual income. There were a few days on which my article performed really well. There was also one day where my total income was very less. Glad that it was compensated on other days.

2500 STEM Power and 1000 POB stake

Yes, I'm slowly getting there. I wrote a couple of articles on the STEM community with the intention that my articles would give me decent STEM rewards. This really happened and I'm happy about it. In addition to that, I also got a few votes last week from POB, which increased my POB stake. I now have a good level of confidence that I should definitely be able to complete the STEM power and POB before the end of the year. If all goes well, I should even be able to complete it in another two or 3 weeks if I'm not wrong. Let's see how it goes.

This week's goal status

I'm still confused about what I should be doing with my Vouchers, SPS, and my DEC earnings. Most of the DEC earnings I get every season is becoming my profit booking. I'm still confused about Vouchers. I might end up going for 100 Vouchers in total probably.


Less than 1000 Hive Power remaining for me to complete the goal and it is also most likely that I might as well complete it in another two weeks or so. But I'm not going to urge myself hard towards it and let it happen slowly.

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