My 2021 Hive Stats and a small recap

Today is the last date of this great year on Hive. There were so many ups and downs this year but from the crypto perspective we had so many ups and this year was a fantabulous year. I personally think that we are just getting started. Splinterlands had a huge blast this year and Hive price also pumped to a new all-time high and it is still staying very strong.

I'm looking forward to having another fabulous year on Hive. I had to make lots of changes in my personal life too and it wasn't very easy. But one big motivation was how I was progressing on Hive. Except for a few days, I was very consistent in writing articles every single day. This has now become a part of my daily routine. It used to be a little disturbing to find a good topic to write every day but now I'm used to this.


I want to talk about my stats in this article and also how I'm planning to grow my account here. I also found some of my strengths are not being utilized, I have made plans for the same.

I created an account called @balaz which will be my alt account. My primary focus would be to write some technical blogs there but gradually the long-term plan is to make that account primary and slowly navigate away from this account if possible. If it is going to challenge I would like to at least make it easy for my friends to remember my handle on Hive. That's why I thought @balaz will be easier than @bala41288 which has lots of numbers in it. I already wrote my first article there a few minutes back. Looking forward to writing more technical blogs.

My 2021 Hive Stats

I would like to highlight some of my 2021 stats. Thanks to HiveSQL with which I'm able to get all these data easily. I have even created an application for public use which I will officially be launching tomorrow. There will be an option to select a year and account to get the data. The below images are from that application only. These stats may not add any big value for some people but for some people, stats can be a great motivation.

Author Rewards

Author reward depends on how much engagement and votes we get on our posts. It also depends on how consistent we are in writing. I'm glad that I was able to be very consistent and write a decent amount of articles in the last year to grab decent rewards. The rewards in the month of December are very great considering the price of Hive and the bigger votes I get on my posts. Rewards are one of the biggest motivations to write every single day. Thanks to all the curators.


Curation rewards

I mostly see curation rewards as one of my parameters to financial independence. If I can earn a decent curation reward every month and if I can still keep growing my account too, it is the best passive income that we can get. I have to be honest that I'm not a full manual curator but I have delegated my stake to some communities that do manual curation and I support my friends too. I would be very happy to see this number grow gradually in the future as I consider Hive as one of the biggest sources of income for me in the future.


Total Posts

This is important data for me because I try hard every single day and push towards writing at least a minimum of one article per day. There were a few days I used to write even more than one article per day. These days it is hard but I maintain 1 article per day record till today. May and June were very bad months for me and I suffered a lot health-wise. I couldn't write every single day and blogging was the last thing I was thinking about. But I was able to push myself hard in the following months and things are pretty good now.


Total Comments

Looking at this data, I'm able to understand how bad I'm with the commenting part. Looks like I have not been engaging enough on Hive. I mostly reply back to all the comments I receive on my posts but I don't think that alone is enough for an organic engagement. I'm going to be having this as a task for me to improve in 2022. The more we engage, the more friends we would get and we can grow together.


I wanted to add a few more stats but I guess these 4 stats are primary and will make a lot more sense. I will make this application available to everyone hopefully by tomorrow. Overall, I think it was a great year. I'm hoping the coming year would even be a better year for all of us than this one. I also wish all our dreams come true and this platform showers us with lots of opportunities to earn, make friends and grow.

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