Muterra - Pre sales is launching tomorrow

Muterra is the next big gaming project on Hive. For people who are hearing about Muterra for the very first time, I would recommend visiting Muterra site to know more about the game. This is going to be an interesting game with a big roadmap. We have already hit many milestones and the development is going smooth so far. I'm one of the developers of the game. It has been a very busy week and still going to be busy for another week I believe. The game pre-sales is launching tomorrow. To start with, the presale will have a Maldives pack and are also listed with up to 50% discounts. People who have joined this game discord server would have noticed a timer already running on the website.


In addition to the timer that was added to the site yesterday, there is also a small Treasure hunt event that was launched and is happening in the discord server. The first clue for the event is available on the website. The Treasure hunt event will end tomorrow before the pack sale starts and the winners will be rewarded accordingly. We have also been doing some giveaways in multiple places. Yesterday there was a giveaway in the Indiaunited discord channel and following that there was one more in Neoxian city. There can be more giveaways too stay tuned and join us on the discord channel.


I'm keeping the post short today because I still have a lot more to complete before the pre-sale launch tomorrow. People would have noticed the design of the packs and the game items. The designs have been turned out really well.

Above is the screenshot of the shop page from the website. This lists out the different types of bundles available in the game and how much discount each one gives. This is a good opportunity to purchase packs during the first sale because we cannot be sure if there will be a similar discounted sale in the future.

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