New lander pop-ups on Torum!

One of my morning routines is to visit all my favorite crypto social media networks and look at what's new in the world and on the platform itself. One of them is Torum which I visited just before I started to write this article on Leofinance, which is my number one blogging platform. Once I logged into Torum, I was welcomed by these beautiful pop-ups explaining all you need to know about Torum.

Let's go through all of them, shall we?

That is me on Torum where I feel like an astronaut of the cryptospace. Exploring the space every single day, and all I can say - it is definitely worth it! Not only do I find promising projects, initiatives, and airdrops I didn't know anything about but I'm also rewarded for engaging with others.

As I said a moment ago, earning XTM rewards for engaging with others is awesome! Completing daily, weekly and special missions reward you really well, and most of them are easy to do, especially if you're consistent. Once you've implemented Torum in your daily routine, it won't take much time to get the best out of it!


Similar to LeoFinance, Torum is mainly focused on crypto content. Users are either talking about projects and cryptos that they have invested in or about the latest news in the cryptoverse. It feels much better to scroll through Torum instead of Facebook where the content is shit, plus you're not earning anything. On Torum, other users will reward you with gifts.

By gifting other users, you can earn yourself some good-looking and useful collectibles. Reward more users to collect more collectibles and later use them in Torum's Mining Simulator game that will come out later this year. This game will offer us ways to use our XTM tokens and collectibles to earn more rewards from the ecosystem. I, personally, can't wait!


Another important thing for the ecosystem is shards. You can get shards for creating content and engaging with others. Basically, the more active you are, the faster you will get that stack of shards. These will be important when Torum's own DeFi project comes out. We'll be able to stake our shards to get staking multipliers! Exciting!

In my opinion, this is the biggest addition that is coming to Torum. Just like LeoFinance has CUBdefi, Torum is going to release Torum Finance in the upcoming months. First of all, there will be XTM listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges, then Torum Finance will come out. It's going live on Binance Smart Chain and I personally can't wait until there's a CUB-XTM pool which will become another proof that two crypto platforms can work together really well.

Last but not least, Torum will have its own NFT Marketplace. NFT's are the new trend and many are jumping on board. If it works well and we are still in the bull market once the marketplace goes live, we could see Torum gain extra traction. Time will tell. For now, we are waiting for XTM to get listed, and everything else will come after.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome week!


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