#AskLeo: What can you buy in my country with a BTC?

Hello everyone.

Today I come again with one of the great questions proposed by @acesontop, it seemed to me a good opportunity what could be a future goal, since getting to get with effort a Bitcoin, in Venezuela must be a feat, devote hours of effort and time, more than we could imagine.

I think that if I had only 1 bitcoin, I think I should put my mind to fly, just thinking about the figure my mind is put to work, because it would be the key that would open all the doors of my future, if I manage them wisely,


I think my options would be simple, if I get the bitcoin by chance, gift or coincidence, I think I would not mind so much to buy everything I need without looking back, but in the case that I have saved it with effort and hard work things change, first of all I think I would only spend 20%, taking into account the current price at this time of Bitcoin is around 40-50k , that would leave me a margin of 10k to spend and the other 80% to try to recover the investment.

Maybe for many people in different countries with 10k we can not do much, but in Venezuela we do wonders, at least with 10k I could buy a small house, which is my big goal and dream, as well as a good car and I would have money left to set up the business I want so much.

The remaining amount I would use it for re-investment, I would divide it and buy in different projects that I am currently interested in, looking ahead of course, in the same way I would already have my house and business to be able to support myself, and I would not have to depend on the rest for a long time.

So my investments would be, Polkadot, Cardano, Chainlink and Leo and that 80% I would put them in the following margin, 40% Leo, I have great faith in the hive blockchain, 15% Link, 15% Dot and the remaining 10% would be ADA, so far are the projects that most attract my attention and those that I am actively studying daily, although I have already invested a miserable sums in some, which so far have generated dividends and also losses.




I don't know if it's because my dreams are so basic, or my aspirations are short, but the reality is that I think it's better to limit my purchases and invest to see if with a good run I can secure a better future.

Thank you for reading

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