My daily rewards in Splinterlands - Diamond Edition!

Welcome Guys!

my daily rewards diamond edition.png

I have so many pictures from my daily rewards, when I was in diamond from previous seasons! I was a little bit lazy, not have much time to post them daily, so why not make a big post about many rewards from that time? ;)

I hope so that you like that idea, you can check what was my luck during this long period of time.

I got earth quest, when I was about to advance to Diamond III.

earth start g1.png

After this game I had 5 badges from earth element!

diamond and quest complete.png

League unlocked - Diamond League
This is league, where all can happen, max level cards allowed.
Better prepare for big stomps!

diamond advancement.png

So let's start from Diamond III rewards! 19.11.2021

diamond quest earth complete.png

After making this quest happen I claimed my daily rewards in Diamond III!


My daily rewards in Diamond III. 20.12.2021

diamond quest earth complete.png

I really love to make earth quest hihi :D

rewards d3.png

rewards value.png

In that day I was on live stream of my friend @bokica80 I won 2 x versus him and he sent me a card!

gift from bokica.png

Of course I had better chance, even when we fought in silver league, because my main peak was Diamond I and in that day I had really good cards, because I was prepared for silver league tournament :P

I don't want him to donate me cards, because I know that he is not rich, so in return I donated him several times with dec tokens :)


We I am not rich too, but I have at least better chances to get bigger rewards, because I play in Diamond.. but Diamond rewards are really better? If you not play with your own, but rented cards? I gonna show you more my daily rewards from Diamond.

Another day, another quest in Diamond III!

diamond quest complete.png

This time I had water quest to do, it was not easy, because I have only one summoner the cheapest. I had to play many games to recover my elo rating, but finally I back to Diamond III to claim my daily rewards!

8 wins in a row to diamond.png

Let's go baby on hot streak to diamond once again!

win streak 40 diamond.png

My daily rewards in Diamond III. 21.10.2021 with active quest potion!


Ok ok, is not enough let's make another quest in Diamond!
As I said before making earth quest make me happy! :)

earth d3 complete.png

Diamond III rewards 21.12.2021


Maybe you want see different quest?
No problem!
I had fire quest to do, so let's go!

fire quest d3.png

And now what gonna be in the boxes? ;>

Diamond III rewards 22.11.2021 with active quest potion!

rewards d3.png

Ohhh old good times, when Wenari Wavesmith was worth really decent money! I always had smile on the face, when I roll out that card! :)

rewards value.png

Another day another quest in Diamond III!

Are you ready Guys?!

season d3 done.png

It's almost 3k elo rating, but still in Diamond III.
This time without quest potion, so only 10 boxes.


Ok let's share last quest from Diamond III!
I had death quest to do!

death quest d3.png

It was Christmas Eve 24.12.2021 and of course Diamond III rewards!

death quest rewards.png

It was really sad day for me, because I saw post of @clove71

It was Christmas Eve and I read about people, who lost their place to live in Philippines. This post was about ivarbjorn and his family, neighbors and people he know.

I helped them with dec donation and many people help him reach fundraiser goal for renew his home!

I am really glad and happy that we have such an awesome Splinterlands Community!

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