Thorswap's $THOR Token Airdrop Whitelisting Round Has Begun!


Thorchain is undoubtebly one of the most important projects in all of DeFi right now.

Exchanges are being regulated left and right. People are concerned about leaving money on Binance and even Coinbase in some cases.

Crypto is still in it's wild wild west phase, but creating better centralized exchanges aren't the solution.

Decentralized, Self-Custody Trading Wallets Are the Future

The future is where everyone uses decentralized backends and wallet applications to trade.

Protocols like Curve already exist.

Protocols like Thorchain are the future.

Curve lets you trade stablecoins with very minimal slippage on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thorchain lets you trade any asset on any blockchain for any other asset on any other blockchain.

This is the future.

Thorswap is one of many community UIs for the Thorchain project. We're seeing that UI built from the ground up and it's amazing to watch.

The $THOR token will follow a value accrual model for users of the Thorswap UI and Thorchain backend that it connects to..

The airdrop whitelisting is officially open for additions! If you've ever used the Thorswap UI to LP or trade, then you might be eligible. Click the following link to view their official blog post about it!

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