A New Modern Day Economic Revolution With Blockchain

The new age of 21st century is such an era that has provided so many blessings to mankind in terms of leading a developed life that, it gets me nowhere but to wonder the contributions in a larger way by merit of science and technology. History has carried out the mark of new renaissance, a new belief that through developing the systems and upgrading already available technology to a further direction can help us achieve new status,solving basic problems and coming out successful in managing how we conduct real life interactions.

If our digital technology can make change in our lifestyles, even if in smaller portions of that, by dint of applying all the knowledge we have and looking at improvement status, the schemes and statistics which show us in what parameters that change has come. The new development index has fostered new revolution, the 10-12% of GDP growth with the use of applying new economic technology to the national and rural life, its where true satisfaction relies.


I wonder each time I see that along with the already established corporations of the world for the mass sector of #economy, the central banks and commercial banks, specialized bank, ADB(Asian Development Bank), IMF and World Bank which carrying out the transactions and finanical exchanges worldwide and in international sectors, the other efforts to radicalize the cryptocurrency into the market have lifted the pressure once used to have in middle income economy.

For this cause the contributions from the sector of decentralization and blockchain technology into the aspects of governance, its bodies and into economy forums are wind of changes that we must appreciate. The world is distraught with so many problems and inequalities, the discrimination and lack of distribution in terms if wealth, finance and trading. The stronger entities try their best to keep their own pocket filled, even if looting and systematically excavating the #revenues and values from the class of people who have no edges.

The development is a long process and with consistent effort and hard labour, by working hard towards achieving the collective success and with patriotism can a country prosper. When a government tries to hold the powers with own grip and banning all efforts to restructure and decentralize power centers and gaining their own funds of economy and commerce, with the view of using alternative currency and #tokenized economy, then things get pretty tough to handle . Through these practices a country lacks GNP and so as economic prosperities.

If a nation is developed or not, a proper policy index can bring out what has been gained and what has been lost. Looking at some of the South Asian countries, what I see that they developed not because they had enough natural resources or minerals under the land, non-renewable stockpile of energy,heavy and expensive metals, good soil conditions to revolutionize crops and food production or fisheries etc,but #resources that are most valuable, the greater number of skilled manpower which taken the countries #incomestream to the next level.


The stock of #BTC is limited and nearly 2 Million of the coins available with fluctuating prices and values. But quite a large number of the crypto holders are those skilled IT technicians,the Internet Geeks and "experts", the "computer programmer & scientists" who are operating and mining those economies and helping the insidious nationanational level economy to shine and prosper.

This creates value to the country and the trend shifting and journey to walk away from "low income country" to middle to developing and exceeding developed benchmarks are something to be proud of. All these happened due to a newly adopted economy, that leaving aside conventional system of trading with just one #currency notes and government financed banks,the tradings are conducted with the help of cryptocurrencies, with the advantage of free and borderless trading and accessing a big number of customers and traders worldwide, #P2P privilege and no third party troubles to make your day worse.

I have firm belief that, the system would upgrade more in the sector and with commitment and effort to change socio-economic conditions, the opportunity will be there and #decentralization would help people to get there and connect, make own improvement, help the economy to grow and live a healthy living with the helps and assistance of the available and developing science and technology that we have within our grasp.

Let those smiles never fade away with the help of #defi and blockchain. I wish they find rhythm and balance in their life,more days ahead to come.

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