Do You Need to Invest in International Markets?


Investments are done by people all around the world whether it is in Index Funds or Gold or Bonds or Stocks or Crypto or FD whatever may be the case people Invest so that they can grow their money in the long term and get some sweet compounding as well. But there is another aspect of Investment which is Diversification and I know a lot of people that I know do not diversify at all. In my case, I am invested in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Gold as well as Cash, and obviously Crypto but I know a lot of people that only invest in FD's or just ULIP plans I tell them about diversification and how they should invest in other Asset Class and there is one question they ask me when I talk about diversification.

Should I buy Facebook and Google Stocks?

It seems when we talk about diversification to people not having proper Financial Literacy they go for the extreme end which is investing in International Markets. Now Investing out of your Country is definitely good but if you are investing in the US or and another Country without Investing anything in your own Country then that is not good. I strongly believe that Investments in International Markets are Good but only after you have invested in National Markets and gotten a good CAGR return from it.

As for me, I have just started investing in International Markets and that too in small amounts. Even though my current initial investment in Global Markets is in the Red I am holding it and watching it closely so that I can gain some knowledge of the International Market as well.


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