Make Sure You are Using Your Votes Everyday On

Do not let those votes go to waste..!!!

Remember 1 thing your voting power constantly recharge so every twins-mints you are sitting on 100% is a second you are a wasting a vote.
These votes give you curation rewards depending on your stake and it can really add up if you use your power daily. You do not worry about being first anymore so there is no excuse not to vote for the content you like when you get a chance to check out the site. It can not only help you but help the site grow and en-courage quality content creators to keep posting their work here.

Rewards Are amazing

50% of the rewards are paid out to curators. That is a good chunk of change just to hit a like button. And this is paid, on a rolling time of 7 days, every single day. That means that you can compound the money you are making and get higher and higher votes. This is turn will turn into more curation rewards. You see where I am going with this. Even on days like today when crypto takes a dip it is still worth your time to visit the site and use your votes for the day. When the market recovers you will be glad you did.

Help To Encourage Quality post..

Voting also lets writers feel good about the work that they are sharing on the site. It is nice to be appreciated and getting the likes can help those who put the work in feel like their time and effort matter. This not only helps these content creators but also helps you. The better the site does the more value the coin will have and the better we all do here on the site. It's win win so hit that upvote button.

You can vote a full 10 times a day so make sure you do your best to use those votes when you can. Don't let them sit there as you are missing out on a lot of rewards for something you can do while watching television. Plus with the new curation rewards it has never been easier to curate as you don't have to worry about when you vote on content so take your time to vote when you want to. Even if the article is a couple of days old you will still get the same amount of rewards.

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