Beneficiary Participation Voting Trail - UPDATE!

Hello ARCHON community, its a great time to be alive! Thank you for continuing to submit your posts to be supported by us, and let's continue to grow this community!

Since the last post about Beneficiary Rewards Mechanism, we have had several people using and testing the automation. A special shout out to @dbooster for bringing several issues on the margin into our discord.

And because of that great work - updates have been made!

Yes, we have reviewed the beneficiary voting trail program, and we have truly opened it to everyone! There is also code in place that will, when activated, restrict this voting trail to only posts which have the beneficiary as well as some minimum of ARCHON votes.

But for now, any and everyone is welcome!


As an additional protection, a blacklist has also been added, so if there is any abuse, it can be reported in the ARCHON discord and such abuser will no longer receive the votes.

As a reminder, users can set 5% post beneficiary to @archon-gov, and will receive the voting trail lead by the same account!

And as the @archon-gov account grows, so will the value of participating in this program. Speaking of which, the growth is visible at @archon-gov/wallet.

There are a few more features to write about, like our ARCHONM miner tokens, the @archon-drips reward program, as well as our daily ARCHON curation digest on @archon-mining. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, there is a lot to love about ARCHON!

Follow along!

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