Introducing Ape Mining Club

I am proud to introduce the Ape Mining Club game built on the Hive blockchain!

Ape Mining Club will launch in around 24 hours from now. Until then, you can acquire APE tokens prior to launch on Hive-Engine.

What is Ape Mining Club?

Ape Mining Club is an idle simulation game that incorporates it's own APE token. You can use APE to purchase mining equipment to increase your share of the daily emission created by each pool.

Each pool has a set daily rate that represents how many APE tokens it issues daily. The community can work together to boost the pool to double the daily emission of a pool.

You can get a share of that daily emission buy purchasing equipment in each pool. When equipment is purchased, rewards are split between current pool owner, APE token holders, and dev team with most of the rewards being burned.

Buying Equipment

You can buy equipment in each pool to allow you to take part in the daily payout in APE tokens. Every time equipment is purchase, the APE used is split 10% to owner, 10% to all APE token holders, 10% to devs, and 70% is burned.

Stealing Ownership

Every pool can be owned by one user. The owner of the pool earns 10% of all APE spent on equipment in that pool. You can steal ownership by burning STEM tokens, the price starts at 1 STEM and will double every time someone steals ownership. At the end of the day the price will be cut in half potentially making it more attractive to other users.

Holding APE

You can earn APE in three ways, by stealing ownership of a pool, owning stake in a pool, and by holding APE tokens in your wallet. A portion of all APE spent to purchase equipment is shared with all APE holders. If you have tokens on the market, they will not count when rewards are equipment is purchased.


Every pool can be boosted to increased the effectiveness of the equipment. Filling the boost pool is a community effort and if the threshold is reached before the end of the day, the payout for that day will double. At the end of the day the pool will be reduced by 50%. All STEM used to boost a pool is burned.


There are currently four pools at launch, with another being introduced in the near future. Each pool has it's own dedicated equipment required to join the pool and it's own boost meter and owner.

Pool Emission

Each day at midnight UTC rewards are calculated and added to your pending claims. If a pool has reached boost status (APE Mode!) the pool will issue 200% the daily emission.


After pool emission has been calculated and distributed as pending rewards to all users, all pending rewards are paid out on the Hive blockchain immediately after.


A small portion of APE tokens will be on the market shortly after this post for an initial price of $1 to kick start the game. There is a max supply of 2,500,000 tokens, depending on how the game plays out, this should last around 4 years. If the pools are boosted frequently it could be a little less.

Currently, APE only has use in APE Mining Club but may have a unique integration into future games.


You can find the list of rules here. You will need a Hive account to participate and there are no transaction fees to play.


Ape Mining Club is using modern technology to allow for complete real-time experience. No need to hit F5 to refresh or wait for updates. Every aspect of the game is updated in real time (after processed by blockchain).

How to play

The game will be available at around 24 hours from now. Another announcement will be made when the game is live and open for play.

Join the community!

Hop on our Discord if you want to join the Ape Mining Community. You can also join our Telegram Group but Discord will likely be our primary focus.

Any questions? Just leave a comment below or jump on our Discord or Telegram.

    Never go full ape!

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