Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Resigns. Replaced with Orwellian Parag Agarwal

It is once again time to short Twitter and long Hive!


Also, this is a great opportunity to promote our Blockchain resident microblogging platform dbuzz!

I am deboosted in multiple ways so maybe y'all can give me a hand? 🖐️

Looooooooong image

Join us on #dbuzz powered by #hive. We can say what we want, when we want, how we want and we even get paid for it! Ex:

Link to my profile since I have such a magnetic personality 🧲

Then, I include a screencap of another tweet which I proceed to rip on Twitter for continuing to shoot themselves in the foot and passing off more and more social media market share to platforms like LeoFinance, eCency and others on Hive.


And that, my friends, was my Hive promotion work for the day.😅

Thanks for stopping by ✌️

P.S. feel free to stop by my profile on Twitter to support ya boy!

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