I changed my Hive in Binance to Bolivares | I couldn't be more thrilled with this result

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Image by Binance. Editing done by me from canva


A few days ago I was looking for how to change my $Hive in Binance to bolivars here in Venezuela, and I found this video of @ilazramusic in his Hive account, where he explains step by step the change and the processes that we must do for everything to be perfect.

Likewise, I have to tell you that I didn't have a Binance account, since I didn't know how to use and much less how to exchange my Cryptocurrencies into bolivars in the mentioned page.


Registration and verification: does it take long?

When I registered at Binance, I knew that the process would not be easy, I had already been told that the verification takes about 10 minutes; sometimes less.

So I was destined to follow the steps and put everything they asked for in the registration.

So much so, that they asked for my email, a password, 6 digits that were going to arrive to my phone and Gmail.

And so it was: I surpassed the record, now what was coming?

After registering, I proceeded to the personal verification, where I had no luck (yes I was well salted) and failed several times. I didn't really know why, until I saw a video on Youtube to inform me what I was doing wrong and it turns out that I was inserting pictures of myself, instead of a document (ID card).

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And after the search, what happened, Anthony?

Finally, I got to the facial recognition, it took more than half an hour before I could accept the photo. Maybe it was because there was a lack of light (I had to take the picture with the light ring); maybe that's what happened. What is true is that I had a lot of patience, because I really wanted this to go well to change my $Hive, since I saw that some exchange rates had the $Hive very low and I felt that they were stealing money from me.

All ready, what was missing?

Subsequently I activated 2FA authentication to make my Binance account more secure and added my bank account to the P2P wallet.

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And how many $Hive did you send to Binance?

At the time of watching @ilazramusic's video, I sent 8 Hive to @deepcrypto8's account and then 20 more. This, in order to check first the amount of the 8 Hive and the 20, to be more sure I was doing it right.

From $Hive to $USDT: easier than a rooster can crow

Already when my 28 $Hive were in Binance, I proceeded to enter the trading part and move my $Hive to $USDT. The account gave me 22 $USDT, that is, I got a little more than the other exchange rates and at 3,996 bolivars it is a bargain.

Excited to change my $Hive in Binance to bolivars

We all know because of the financial situation and the low economic resource that Venezuela has nowadays. Moreover, the dollar goes up from time to time and the exchange rates in Venezuela do not raise the price of Cryptocurrencies. It is strange, but they will only know.

Still, I am happy to be able to exchange my $Hive for the first time on Binance to Bolivars. I thought for a moment that I was going to completely mess up, as the world of Cryptocurrencies is hard for me to understand from time to time.



What you need to know

If you are going to trade on Binance, I recommend that you trade when you have $20 in your Hive account. From that amount onwards, you will get good rates and excellent prices.

In this way, I have finished the article for today, giving a clear demonstration of research in this world of finance and a lot of satisfaction when exchanging my Hive.

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