Hive: More than a social network?

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Hive logo taken from this post. Image made by me from canva.


When Hive came to light in early 2020, all the people who were on the old blockchain came to this red-black hive, in order to make themselves known and that their work from now on would not remain blank, i.e. without visualization and without any vote.

Of course, the authors should take their work seriously and find their style in this new stage of their life, where they would be supported with the giant vote of the curators or whales.

Also, in such a short time, Hive has gone from being a social network to take over the Cryptocurrency market and that people create on this platform many opportunities.

Opportunities you say?

Yes, opportunities. Notice that on the page the coin is growing and can currently be found at US$ 0,858646. A few days ago, the Hive reached one (1) dollar and that excited all of us who make life within this platform.

In the same way, we have to understand the lows of Cryptocurrencies and be patient in dark moments. In this case it is with Hive. We know that Hive has been evolving, but there will always be a downturn in the currency and it is at that moment where we must remain calm, and know how to handle this situation.

I am sure that Hive has saved more than one person in the financial sector and their debts. They never imagined that they would be generating income by typing on a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, etc., did they? They may have heard of another site, but never like this one. Here you will find a lot of support and your work will be rewarded depending on your interest and desire to learn every day.

That's why I've always said that Hive is more than a social network. In short, for me, Hive is a place of many opportunities where you should take advantage of all the good you do in the hive, either by inviting others to join and supporting new users who arrive here, with a positive comment in their presentation.

Besides, personally, Hive has helped me greatly over the years. So much so, that I have bought my desktop computer at $310, my smart phone with all its accessories at $180, clothes, the water pump at $45, others.

Hive logo taken from this post. Image made by me from canva


Blessed by Hive?

In this world of finance and Cryptocurrencies, I have been blessed and little by little I have been studying about topics that I do not know completely, especially when it is my turn to write about the falls or rises of Cryptocurrencies; a topic that has become complicated, but with tutorials or publications I have been nourishing myself at this point.

How far will Hive go, Anthony?

From my humble opinion, I firmly believe that Hive is for great things and that very soon we will see many announcements in different Cities with the Hive logo. Also, I see the platform being brought to life with meetings between hivers, in order to talk about the future plans they have with the platform.

When people hear that there is a platform to generate income, I know that they will quickly come to Hive, to start in this sector of finance and many opportunities. Perhaps, they will start on their own with no one to tell them what to do, but let me tell you that when there is the desire and motivation, anything is possible.

Final words of the post

If you want to evolve or learn about any topic here at Hive, you just need to do some research and start checking everything now. I know it will be difficult at first, but when you have found your style, the rest is easy. Moreover, it will be easy for you to write about cryptocurrency, make videos about the world of finance, and so on.

I think this has been all. I have given my best in this article with a lot of optimism.

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