Listing HIVE On Local Exchange INDODAX Made My Life Easier


The crypto world for me is all about surprises. Although there are always unpleasant surprises, but mostly I feel pleasant surprises and are very useful and influential in my life at this time.

HIVE is more than just a surprise, but also a blessing for my life. I dare say this because I am so grateful to have been fortunate to have been paid for my life by creating content on HIVE Blockchain.

So, life has become easier from a financial perspective since HIVE is listed on one of Indonesia's local exchanges, and is included in the biggest and legal exchange, named "INDODAX EXCHANGE" @indodaxofficial.

HIVE in the Indodax Exchange

This listing of HIVE on the local exchange means a lot to me. Usually I have to use the Bittrex Exchange and I can't immediately swap it for fiat money, IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).


The HIVE listing info: Hive, Theta, Tfuel Listing on Indodax.

So with the HIVE listing since last June 2020, it has greatly facilitated my finances.

That's because for now "INDODAX EXCHANGE" is the largest and legal exchange in Indonesia. They have collaborated with many parties, especially various banks and digital wallets and payment systems in Indonesia. This is one of the reasons why Indodax is widely used by users.

Withdraw Aset from Indodax.png

Withdraw Option in the Indodax Exchange

So Indodax makes it easy to withdraw with many options ranging from banks to digital wallets and cellphone pulses.

I routinely withdraw HIVE which then I exchange for my fiat money IDR. It didn't take long to get to my bank account. A maximum of half a day if there is a disturbance. But most of the time, it only takes about 15 minutes to an hour.

I Never Think It Will Be This Easy Way!

My first impressions with a financial system like this, it feels crazy! I never imagined my life would be this easy.

I just have to work hard on my content, and I can get paid from there. Also, I'm a curator for several projects. It doesn't matter when the price of HIVE is so cheap, I can still live from HIVE every month, together with my mother. It is a happy blessing for me.

For now, I am still learning how to save with other assets for the long term. I'm still struggling with this, but I'm not giving up.

How about you? What is your experience with HIVE on the exchange? And, what are your hopes for HIVE for your finances?


Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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