Fun Social Media Activity. Guess What?

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What social media do you still use today? Does it have a positive effect on your life? Of course, we have to filter again which use of social media only takes up that time, or vice versa can bring success to us.

Everyone has their own type of potential. Some are suitable and have financial freedom later by becoming a Youtuber, or lifestyle influencer on Instagram, and most of them don't.



To be honest, I've stopped using my time to do activities on Instagram that have little impact on my life. Although there is a slight advantage, I choose to maximize my time on another social media, namely HIVE. I call HIVE Blockchain social media, but I don't know about you guys.

Then, I chose to still use Twitter because it was related to sharing links to my HIVE posts related to food and it got good engagements.


So far, HIVE still has a very healthy environment to support my financial freedom. I also work as a curator on Hive.

I met fun new friends. They do enough with my daily life and still communicate well until now.

Another important thing is that HIVE has made me have fun new hobbies and skills, including food photography and cooking.


HIVE is suitable for a diversity of users. Users can create content on various topics through existing communities.

There are also various communities supported by @OCD. You can read here: OCD Communities Incubation Program.

Apart from the communities that are included in the incubation program, @OCD also supports several other communities. So, keep going of creating quality content and we as curators will always be around to take a look at it.



I can get lots of new ideas and new perspectives on life from users of HIVE. Interact and make it fun like you are on social media on other platforms.

So, how about you guys? Are you still using other social media?

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration for foods that are easy to make and contain elements of health.
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