HiveCommunityStats(HCS) tool announcement - Get your data + Get rewarded for engaging with others in LeoFinance , CTPTalk , SPS . Next on list - STEM

Good morning to everyone , today I am here to announce the release of my last project ( atleast for now ) which is - or simply HCS tool .

This is the 3rd app that I have released for now -
First was HTS in which you can see BRO , INDEX , DHEDGE , EDS dividends + APR + some other data and charts.

Second was HBS in which you can see the buy history , sell history , buy and sell average etc .


What is it ?

It is tool which you can use for basically 2 things

  • You get paid for being active on communities
  • You can see your data ( Posts + comments ) ( Right now you can see only today's data , I will keep on updating it to add more data )

Is it a faucet ?

It is kind of a faucet but you won't be able to claim every 5 minutes or so and it is not just filling out a captcha . Although you get paid in certain tokens you need to do some work which I will explain below .

Who sponsors the token ?

Right now , I do . I have created @amr008.rewards account just for this purpose . I have filled it with LEO , CTP and SPORTS tokens now . So as long as that account has money you can claim rewards .


There are two purpose for this

  1. To increase the engagement in the community .
  2. To reward those who spend time to engage with others .

In order to do this , I have implemented certain criteria / conditions in reward claiming which should benefit both community owners + community + users .

How does it work ?


  1. Give your name and select token which you want to claim reward for in the left part of the page - right now only 3 tokens are available


  1. Click on claim rewards, it will gather today's data for your account and display it + it will check whether you are eligible to claim the reward .

  2. If you are eligible - that's it , it will automatically be sent to your account ( if it is indeed your account lol so don't try with others account , nothing happens it will just go to their account )

  3. If you are not eligible , it will show you the reason , just finish that task and come back to claim .

Examples of all scenerio -

  1. Not enough comments made -

  2. Comments criteria completed but quality is poor -

  3. Let's say you passed all -

  4. If you try to claim again -

And as you can see , below the data for today will be displayed. I will add more data to this in future.

Calculations and things to note.


  1. All the data is is UTC timings so you might feel you have posted a lot but the calculation is in UTC timings so you have to unfortunately follow that .

  2. You can claim ONE TOKEN ONLY ONCE PER DAY . That means you can claim LEO , SPORTS , CTP all on the same day but each token = once .

  3. If you want to claim LEO , you should post from Leofinance front end because only that will be considered . Similarly if you want to claim SPORTS , only comments from SPORTSTALKSOCIAL frontend is considered .

  4. I am taking only comments into count and not posts , this is because I want to encourage engagement + already @leo.voter @stemgeeks @ctpsb are voting posts which are made through their front-end . My focus will be on comments for now .


  1. You have to make atleast 10 comments from particular front-end
  2. You have to engage with atleast 5 authors

Hidden-criteria -

  1. I have written a simple algorithm to check the quality is posts , this is done by removing various stuff like ( POSTED USING So and so ) and calculating purely what you have commented + various other factors .

  2. You cannot rush through and comment in 10 minutes . The code checks the duration you have taken to post the comments ( I have not made it tooo long but not too short too )

Reward Calculation

The rewards are not fixed . It is not 0.003 LEO to everyone .

  1. The algorithm calculates the quality of all comments based on various factors which I have mentioned above and decides a percentage - say "p".

  2. I hold the rewards in @amr008.rewards so ( "p" * funds ) is given out to users . So if you engage more and post quality comments you get more percent from funds .

  3. So the bigger the funds - the bigger the payout .

Where do I raise the fund for @amr008.rewards

  1. SPORTS - I will raise it through a proposal soon.
  2. LEO - I am giving it out of my hand for now .
  3. CTP - Same as 2 .

Tomorrow I will add STEM for posting from STEMGeeks frontend , which will be out of my pocket too for now.

How can you help

  1. You can sponsor by sending any of the above token to @amr008.cold . I repeat , don't send to @amr008.rewards but to @amr008.cold just for security purpose . All the amount I receive to @amr008.cold ( which means cold storage ) will be sent to @amr008.rewards .

  2. You can add @amr008.cold as beneficiery to held it receive rewards .

  3. Just reblogging this will help.

  4. If you find any bug , please let me know .

  5. If you want to add your own token to give to users , please contact me on Discord - AMR#2274 .

What's next ?

  1. I won't be taking any new projects . I will keep working on improving the existing 3 projects.

  2. I will add STEM to the tool tomorrow once I gather enough liquid STEM.

Let me know if you tried it and if you got the rewards.

Sorry for the long post .

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