Engagement on Tribes = Ad Revenue = High token price. Past 90 days comments data - LeoFinance high and stable in activity , we are creating history in other tribes.

Good morning to everyone , I hope you all are doing well . I am here to put forward an interesting ( well for me it was very interesting ) stats post with respect to 4 front-ends .

Why does this matter?

We all know that traffic is important to Hive and various communities including LeoFinance . If you saw the latest LeoFinance ads report you will know how much LeoFinance has grown since last year .

Engagement brings traffic too , I personally hop on to LeoFinance atleast 10 times a day just to reply to a comment . So

  • Engagement = Traffic = Ad Revenue = Burning of tokens = Reduced supply = High token price .

This is not only true for LeoFinance but for all other communities as well .


  • This data is from 23rd November 2020 to 19th February 2020 .
  • This data includes only comments because this is to show engagement from various frontends .
  • This data includes comments which are made from the specific front-ends only . Meaning - If you comment from peakd and it has #leofinance tag , it won't be included.


LeoFinance has the highest activity compared to other tribes. We all know it but what is amazing is how consistent the user engagement has been .

I have retreived the past 90 days data to see how many users are commenting from various front-ends and here is the data for LeoFinance.

Number of users commenting from LeoFinance frontend.


200 is the line I have drawn and we can see that the number of authors are around 200 constantly from past 50 days atleast . We had a drop in engagement during the last week of the year ( understandably ) but after that we are seeing around 200 authors per day .

Number of comments per day from LeoFinance frontend.


Users make around 10k comments per day on Hive from various frontends and if you can observe in the above chart , 1000 and above comments from LeoFinance alone , that means 1 in every 10 comments are being made from LeoFinance .

Isn't that poor ratio ? Not at all because of the bots - you can see the amount of bot replies that we get on Hive right ? We have !WINE , !BEER , !ENGAGE and so much more , these are considered as separate frontends ( Mostly as beem frontend if I am not wrong , the API ) . So including all that 1 in 10 comments are made form LeoFinance ? That is amazing .

If we take only past 90 days into picture , we are making history in CTPTalk and STS



In the past 90 days , CTPTalk had never seen more than 25 authors per day commenting before this week from its frontend which is https://ctptalk.com but as you can see above , we have breached it and 18th we actually saw 32 users commenting from its frontend .


You can see a massive difference in number of comments made , once again in the past 90 days we haven't seen 100 + comments , the average in the first half was 50 but now in the last 4 days we have seen two 100 + comments from the CTPTalk frontend .



In the past 90 days , only once there were 25 users who commented from sportstalksocial Frontend but in the past 4 days , we have not gone below 25 users at all , in fact yesterday it was the highest with 38 users .


Here too , a massive change . We hadn't crossed 100 comments before this week but from past 4 days we haven't come below 100 comments from STS frontend . 17th saw the highest ever with 170 comments ( this is truly amazing increase ) .

I will provide the stats for STEMGeeks next week after I implement some ideas that I have to spur the engagement .

Update on the engagement project -

  1. I have added unique words criteria to calculate the quality of comments + removal of URL from text length.

  2. @toni.sports is now following our @amr008.sports SPORTS curation trail :) It adds so much value to the project . He has more than 31 million staked SPORTS :) He contacted me on discord to tell me that he supports the project , I am very very happy about this .

  3. In one of the recent posts @cryptoandcoffee mentioned that he might delegate some SPORTS to this project soon , that is exciting too .

  4. Today's data has been uploaded to https://hivecommunity-stats.herokuapp.com

  5. If you wish to delegate -
    LEO - @amr008.leo
    CTP - @amr008.ctp
    STEM - @amr008.stem
    SPORTS - @amr008.sports

My next aim - STEMGeeks

I wanna increase the number of users commenting from https://STEMGeeks.net to 25 by the end of March 15th .

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