SWAP HIVE - Simple web page for the cheapest HIVE to SWAP.HIVE gateway!


SWAP HIVE is the cheapest gateway between hive and hive-engine where you can convert HIVE to SWAP.HIVE and vice versa with just 0.1% fee compared to others which can go up to 0.75% per transaction.

It also includes pegged conversion from VAULT Token to SWAP.HIVE or HIVE directly with 0% Fee without having to sell it in the market.

This project is managed by @theguruasia and myself.

While swap has been operational for quite some time, I have developed a new simple and clean open-source UI to use these feature easily in browser with hive-keychain.

Website: https://upmeswap.github.io/


It has three basic cards the first one being login-feature that loads your account balances. It does not require any authentication. In last card it shows you the liquidity available on the both sides. The conversion account is @hiveupme.

If a transaction fails due to any reason the amount is refunded automatically!


In the middle you have conversion card where you can select the currencies to exchange and enter the amount, it will automatically calculate and show the receiving amount and fee for this transaction. After entering the exchange amount click SWAP button which prompts to hive-keychain and confirm the transaction.

After confirming, It is done! usually the process takes a few seconds after which you can click on load to refresh your balances.

Provide liquidity by conversion & Earn rewards!

If you make a conversion that provides liquidity on the lower side of the bridge (if it is lower than 15% of the total pool), you can earn 0.075% instant reward on transactions and have absolutely free swaps!

In conclusion it can go lower than 0.1% too!

Github Repo

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