#AskLeo - What do you buy outside of the Hive universe?


for today's #AskLeo, by @acesontop, I want to ask you what coins are you buying at the moment, which are of course outside the Hive universe. So, what do you buy?

As written yesterday in this post, I'm investing at the moment as the markets are shacking. On every dip there is opportunity.

I'm asking it in here, as here I've got some of the best piece of advice in terms of crypto, which might be a life changer in the end.

As I've asked, I will start with an answer.

I did buy this week some Satoshis for my son. They will remain in his wallet till he is 20, as this I plan to be his birthday gift.

The position on ADA needed some rounding and a few tokens have been purchased also here. I planned to sell ORN, but seeing the dip, I've bought some more.

For this, I've used both cash and pegged coins that came from selling before the dip. Sometimes I do sell a part and change them into stablecoins, so that when opportunity arises, I can act fast. This time I've managed a good consolidation on some coins. I will get a cash bonus from my company so I'm interested into more crypto investments.

So, what would you recommend?

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