#AskLeo - crypto shall stay anonymous?


I've been pretty busy outside the crypto world the past weeks. I've posted and commented a lot less, as my focus is on some urgent matters that need solving now.

So, during this time I was confronted a lot with payments. I do love my cash and on a lot of occasions cash wash denied, especially at higher sums, for different reasons. Paying electronically leaves data behind, which I rather try to avoid. Expenditures like this can be traced for years.

My question for today's #AskLeo, the # tag brought by @acesontop, would be, shall crypto stay anonymous or not?

Well, what has it to do with the payment method described above? Everything, as we want to use crypto as an exchange method. Keeping crypto only to use for other crypto is pointless, it needs to have a tangible use in the end. I don't know any exchange, where when you transfer to fiat, your crypto can't be traced. I would gladly use it, to stay anonymous.

Yes, there is the discussion on crypto that it is used for illegal things, but I think that the black market and the criminal world has a market cap hundred-fold the crypto market cap, so this discussion would be pointless in the end.

Also, if crypto is not anonymous any more, it loses one of the perks it has, the privacy. I love privacy and for that when I go for a walk or to meet someone, I take only cash with me and leave my phone home. Not that I have something to hide, but I like not to share everything in my life with governments and companies.

Can crypto here survive the next regulations wave? Will crypto find a way to avoid this and function without any control? I hope yes in both cases.

To answer the question, I hope it stays somewhat anonymous, so that transactions are recorded but are not linked to individuals.

How do you see it?

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