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It is said that the secret to Warren Buffet's success is time. Of course he's a superb investor, but he's also been doing it consistently for three quarters of a century.


I wouldn't dare compare myself to Warren Buffet, but there are nuggets of wisdom one can learn from a man like him and help our tiny snowball start rolling and growing into a gargantuan snow-bolder.


finding wet snow - investments you can make that help your portfolio grow; even if the contributions seem insignificant at first.

finding a long hill - or starting early, which is an incredibly important ingredient in the compounding magic.

letting your snowball roll - sort of set it and forget it so that it grows day by day, in an uninterrupted fashion.

One of the things I've decided to try to do daily is power up 1 HIVE every morning. I also do at least 10 HIVE on HPUD which is celebrated on the first of every month. I started this challenge with a weekly goal, which turned into a monthly goal and might turn into my yearly goal?

This is my wet snow. It may still seem insignificant, but I've managed to complete my 30 day goal. I've powered up consistently for 30 days now which has added 39 HP to my account during the month of March.

Part of the reason I manage to do it every day is because it's on my calendar at 7:00am every morning. The other reason is the website, which is full of tracking tools like this one that make it fun and easy to analyze your account growth:

30 days of powering up daily.png

I'll continue to find other actions to take, other wet snow to add to my snowball and keep taking strides on my #babystepstothemoon.

For example

  • I've done my daily claim drops for the #polyCUB airdrop
  • I've started to track my daily comments and replies on other people's posts
  • I've mapped out a content calendar to try new ideas that might stimulate engagement within the community (check out my post here)

And these will later become my goals which I plan to share with all of you so I can commit to them and maybe one day inspire someone else to do the same.


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