Ask Leo: Do you accumulate wealth during the bear or bull market?

One of the main things crypto millionaires donid that they accumulate at the right time, though their isn't really a right time in cryptocurrency, there is still a period or time that you will need to make some decisions that are life changing and one of this decisions is to accumulate during the bear market and then you make a whole fortune when the bull market comes.
Many amateur investors seems to make this mistake because they do not either know about the periods in the crypto system, so they tend to invest almost at the wrong time and so.
The simple answer to the question in the topic above which says do you accumulate wealth during the bear or bull market is that millionaires build their wealth in the bear market and they DCA into it slowly and steadily until their become millionaires in it.
So mostly it is best to invest and accumulate during the bear season so you can make gain when the bull market eventually comes.

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