I am not likely to achieve my target.

Greetings friends!

I am determined to increase the level of my Hive tokens staking to 10000 before the end of this year. I reached from three thousands to 9355. I am still short of my target as I need 645 more Hive power to do so.

I thought I will be able to cross 10k hive power in time but it seems to me that I won't be able to do so. I am still not getting enough #upvotes on my posts. I am not being noticed yet. This is very #discouraging. I am still trying. I can buy hive tokens from the market and exchanges and powerup my account but crypto trading in my country has become too much costly and it won't be beneficial at all in the present situation.

Despite of all odds, I again powerup my hive account. This time I kept the amount as low as possible as price of hive is likely to be going up and I can sell and get profit. When price will go down, I'll purchase more and then I'll powerup with them. So, this is my plan. You can help me to achieve my target.

Thank you.

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