[Powered Up] May's 2021's #HIVEPUD

Despite being relatively active on D.Buzz, the month of April was my slowest months on HIVE this year. Anyway, this is HIVE Power Up Day, so I had to take time to write this #HIVEPUD post.

Hive Power Up Day (hashtag #HIVEPUD) is a recurring event on the first day of every month. Hive owners stake some of their liquid HIVE. The event is managed by @traciyork You can check [this link] for the announcement post for May 2021.

This summer, I have the same motivation problem from the same period of last year. Luckily, I got a "wake up" advice from one of my friends, so I'm dealing with it better this time... I hope.

This is the 7th #HIVEPUD I take part in. Like usual I'm powering up in small amounts for both of my accounts:

My May Hive Power Up Day:

* Powered UP 10 HIVE for @ahmadmanga TxID
* Powered UP 10 HIVE for @ahmadmangazap TxID

One of the reasons I like participating is getting the badges from Hivebuzz the badges in my Achievements Tab. HiveBuzz Badges for HIVEPUD is another layer of this challenge. While I didn't take part as a helper this time, I hope to do it in one of the next times~

Finally, I want to thanks @traciyork again, as well as the team behind @hivebuzz. Managing the event every month must be hard, I pray that my thanks feel rewarding in a way.

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