[Powered Up] March 2021's #HIVEPUD

Hive Power Up Day (hashtag #HIVEPUD) is a recurring event on the first day of every month. In which we as Hive owners Power Up some of our HIVE. The event is managed by @traciyork You can check [this link] for the announcement post for March 2021.

I took part in as many of those as I can since last year. I usually Power Up in small amounts... Last time I also Powered Up my sub-account @ahmadmangazap (which is mostly used for D.Buzz these days.)

HIVE price increased pretty well through February 2021. That's good as I'm now earning more from my post, but it was also the reason I sold some of the liquid HIVE I had a while ago, so I won't be Powering Up as much this month:

My March Hive Power Up Day:

* Powered Up 10 HIVE for @ahmadmanga TxID
* Powered Up10 HIVE for @ahmadmangazap TxID

Now I want special thank @traciyork & @hivebuzz team. For managing the event every month each in their way. HiveBuzz Badges for HIVEPUD is one of the reasons I keep doing this is to get that sweet badge on my Achievements Tab.

That's all for this month... By God's will, I hope to see you all in April!

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