[Powered Up] Feburary 2021's #HIVEPUD

I took part in HIVEPUD over the past year. Powering Up little by little on most of the past HIVE Power Up Days which happen on the first of each month. More info about #HIVEPUD in @traciyork's Post


Today is February 2021's HivePUD, and as usual I decided to power up some of the liquid HIVE that I've earned in the past month:

I want to thank @hivebuzz team for their Badges for HIVEPUD, one of the reasons I keep doing this is to get that sweet badge on my Achievements Tab.

Note to #HIVEPUD Team:

I Powered Up my two accounts (this & @ahmadmangazap) for #HIVEPUD. Since I'm using both regurlaly now I'll probably do it next time too. Not sure if that's fair to other participants. You can remove one or both accounts from the prizes eligibility. I just want my PowerUp percentage to be featured in the unofficial winners list!

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