[Powered Up] Aprils 2021's #HIVEPUD

March was a great month for HIVE. Amazing things happened, like the release of LeoFinance's CubDeFi! HIVE price increased gradually across the month which increased the payout of the posts but made HP more expensive to collect.


Hive Power Up Day (hashtag #HIVEPUD) is a recurring event on the first day of every month. Hive owners Power Up some of their HIVE. The event is managed by @traciyork You can check [this link] for the announcement post for April 2021.

As you see from the image above, this is the 6th #HIVEPUD I take part in! I usually Power Up in small amounts. I Powered Up both my main & my sub-accounts @ahmadmanga & @ahmadmangazap respectively. The latter I turned into a mictoblogging account for D.Buzz and I used it more than my main in March.

Since HIVE price is gruadually increasing led me to selling most of my liquid HIVE in Feb 2021, and since I sold more for CUB two weeks ago. Again, I'm only Powering Up the minimum for the month of April:

My April Hive Power Up Day:

* Powered UP 10 HIVE for @ahmadmanga TxID
* Powered UP 10 HIVE for @ahmadmangazap TxID

I have to mention that this account @ahmadmanga has 70+ Rep, which makes it outside of the criteria for winning #HIVEPUD. I'm doing this for the challenge and for the badges. HiveBuzz Badges for HIVEPUD is one of the reasons I keep doing this. Badges on my Achievements Tab taste sweeter than virtual honey!

One again! Thanks to @traciyork & @hivebuzz team for managing the event every month each in their way. I pray to see you all in May!

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