Hive Power Up Day: August 2022

Now it's August and I'm turning 30...

I skipped the last two months of HivePUD, I Powered Up of course, but didn't post about it, so I only got the Hivebuzz bagde. I was active on Hive in the past three months, but I wasn't posting long-form content. My Hive activities included:

  • I continued being active on #DBuzz. I believe in Hive's potential in microblogging after all.
  • I learned how to make ebooks, (more info here.) Look forward to my upcoming books.
  • I joined @dreemport curations. Found nice posts to read. I plan on becoming a regular user of their curation website.
  • I went back to art even more since my last HivePUD post. Look forward to my art.

There are many things I want to do in August, and the first one is already done: The Power Up!

#HivePUD is a monthly event to encourage people to Power Up their liquid HIVE. The event is managed by @traciyork and you'll find all the information you need in her announcement post. It has rewards for all types of accounts, but the main prizes are for accounts that haven't reached a certain HP and Reputation limit.

I like taking part in this event every month regardless of the rewards.

My Power Up Activity:

If you like #HivePUD you might like the other challenge #HivePUM by @hivebuzz. If you have the time and discipline to pull through, I think it's a great challenge to try. Rules for this month (August 2022) are here. The post contains all the information if you're interested.

I won't take part in this challenge since I can't maintain quality when I try to fit a deadline for each post I write.

What's Next?

There are many things I should do this August, but I can't decide which to do first (and what things to skip.)

I'd like to create at least one ebook this month, and I want to at least take part in a game development contest. I also want to join whatever @dreemsteem has planned for August.

Wish me Blessings~

Previous #HivePUD Posts:

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~. Thanks for reading .~

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