Hive Power Up Day: April 2022

It's already April and a lot happened in March: Most importantly, I created/published my first attempt at a (complete) Visual Novel using Ren'py. I also got finally comfortable with drawing again & posted a few art pieces here.

I focused on gaming in the first half of the month and creating art & gamedev in the second half. Over this month I managed to create a Live USB with Windows 10 on it and also I did an IQ test that made me feel better about myself.


#HivePUD is a monthly event to encourage people to Power Up their liquid HIVE. The event is managed by @traciyork and you'll find all the information you need in her announcement post. This account of mine doesn't qualify for the main prizes, but I like taking part in this event.

My Power Up Activity:

I missed a few days in March PUM Challenge by Hivebuzz, and I won't be taking part in the April PUM so I could focus on my real life without the stress of posting daily.

Ramadan is starting this month, so I hope to take more time worshipping God and less time online. I think it's a good time to clean my heart, isn't it?

So that's what I have to say this month, hope to see you in the next HivePUD!

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~. Thanks for reading .~
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