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Hello Splinterlands Community!
We have reached the end of 2022 and I am sure most of us would like to forget this year as far as crypto investment is concerned. Let us hope for a much much brighter and prosperous new year.
Today I will be writing about my experience in a battle featuring the card of the week, Cursed Windeku. Do give this a read and support my article if you like it.



Cursed Windeku are nightmarish creatures that live in the deepest and darkest woods. They hunt at night, stalking their prey before attacking with their claws, while their thorn-like horns and natural healing ability provide an excellent defense,. They exude a pungent pheromone that reduces the reaction time of their victims, often allowing the Windeku to begin devouring them before they are dead. While these lifeless creatures may appear animalistic, they are highly intelligent. They have heeded the call put forth by the Lord of Darkness. Their thirst for blood is now focused on the Chaos Legion.

The death splinter has always been quite strong and with chaos legion edition, it has got quite a few great cards that can single-handedly win you matches even in the lower leagues. And without a doubt Cursed Windeku is undoubtedly one of such cards.
But before we see the card in action, let's have a look into the details and stats of the card.


Rarity: RARE
Element: DEATH
Attack: MELEE

Cursed Windeku is a 6 mana melee card with 2 melee damage, 3 speed and 9 hp as base stats and more devastatingly, the menace for all melee monsters, the Thorns ability making the card an absolute beast in those mid mana bronze battles for it's utility compared to mana cost.
At level 5, the card gets it's second ability Heal and at the highest level it inherits the third ability Slow. And at the highest level the base stats of the card is 4 melee damage, 3 speed and 11 hp.
For our today's battle, we will be covering a battle in which we are using a level 5 version of the card.



  • Mana Cap : 19
  • Rule sets :
    Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
    Taking Sides: Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles.
  • Available Splinters :


Summoner46For this battle, we chose a level 6 Thaddius Brood as the summoner. This death summoner inflicts -1 to hp and -1 to magic damage to opponent deck that comes in very handy in battles.
Position 165As our tank, we are playing the Card of the week, a level 5 Cursed Windeku with Thorns and Heal abilities along with 3 melee damage, 3 speed and 10 hp.Unless the opponent has high damage dealers, they will have a hard time getting through our tank.
Position 201At the second position, we have placed a level 1 Corpse Fiend is having 1 melee damage, 2 speed and 1 hp. This along with the other fiends introduced in Chaos Legion edition are one of the most useful cards specially in low mana matches.
Position 334In the third position, we have placed a level 4 Life Sapper with 2 magic damage, 3 speed and 2 hp. This card also has Life Leech ability that makes it more interesting and useful.
Position 436In the fourth position, we placed a level 6 Soul Strangler, one of the best low mana glass canons we have in the game. For the cost of 3 mana, at level 4, the card deals 4 archery damage which is insane.
Position 521In the next position, we are playing a level 1 Weirding Warrior with 1 ranged damage, 2 speed and 2 hp. This card offers us Shatter ability which comes really handy.
Position 613In the last position, we have placed a gold foil level 3 Carrion Shade as Sneak protection with our last mana. At this level the card is offering 1 melee damage, having 2 speed and 2 hp. The card can be evasive at times with it's Flying ability.


Summoner45For the summoner, the opponent chose a level 5 Drake of Arnak, the Untamed summoner with +1 armor. To be honest, it is rare to see this summoner in Modern Gold league matches.
Position 163At the first position, we will be facing a level 3 Baakjira, the beast of a tank with whopping 16 mana at level 3 along with Void Slow and Heal abilities. This guy can sure take hits before going down.
Position 245In the second position of the deck, we are facing a level 5 Dhampir Infiltrator, a modern reward card that has great offensive stats of 2 melee damage paired with Double Strike and Sneak and Cripple.
Position 346In the third position, the opponent decided to play a level 6 Feasting Seaweed with 3 melee damage 2 speed and 3 hp. The Opportunity and Scavenger abilities makes the card even more devastating.
Position 401In the fourth position, we are facing the 0 mana card for the Water splinter, Torrent Fiend. Though it's stats are not that impressive, an extra card for no mana cost can be a game changer itself.
Position 516In the fifth and last spot, we will be facing a level 6 Hardy Stonefish. For 1 mana cost, this will act as a decent meat shield with 1 melee damage, 2 speed, 1 armor and 2 hp.


  • Round 1:


In the first round, the only causality was in the form of our Carrion Shade as it failed to dodge the second blow from Dhampir Infiltrator. We on the other hand were focusing on taking down the Baakjira which seems to be a tough task.

  • Round 2:


Things started to look worse for us as Feasting Seaweed takes out the Corpse Fiend in this round followed by another kill by the Dhampir Infiltrator in the form of Weirding Warrior.

  • Round 3:


Situation continues to worsen as the Feasting Seaweed eliminates our Soul Strangler and we loose our fourth card. But luckily we are able to better Baakjira and our star card of the week, Cursed Windeku takes the beast out. And soon we are back in the battle as the Dhampir Infiltrator kills herself courtesy of the Thorns from Cursed Windeku.

  • Round 4:


There were no casualties in this round. We however, have the upper hand as our Cursed Windeku stands tall and looking strong.

  • Round 5:


The round starts off with a positive sign for us as the Feasting Seaweed lands heavy blow on the Cursed Windeku and kills itself in the process by the Thorns. Cursed Windeku then lands a killing blow on the Torrent Fiend getting the fourth kill off the battle followed by the final kill by Life Sapper in the form of Hardy Stonefish and we get our sweet victory.


THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

My strategy was to rely heavily on our star card Cursed Windeku to stand it's ground as the rest of the glass canons target the front line and deal enough damage to get us the kills. The opponent however surprised us with Sneak and Opportunity and target our weaker monsters instead of Cursed Windeku and dealing enough damage to get pas the Baakjira was a mammoth task alone. Luckily for us, Cursed Windeku was the MVP of the battle, getting 4 kills and single-handedly won us the battle.

Do I like Cursed Windeku? Why or why not?
I absolutely love Cursed Windeku and I strongly feel it is one of the best mid mana tanks available. It has won me a countless number of matches with the amazing base stats as well as match winning abilities. I currently own a level 5 copy of the card and I believe everyone should level this card as per their leagues without any second thoughts.

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Until you come across my post again ...

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