Actifit Expanding to Binance Smart Chain! Tutorial On Maximizing Actifit Rewards. Gadget Prize Draw Round #56 Results - Round #57 Kicks Off

Actifit Expanding to Binance Smart Chain!


We promised you BIG THINGS, and THEY'RE COMING!

Over the last few months, and as the DEFI hype was kicking off, we contemplated for some time expanding Actifit to Ethereum, and potentially Binance Smart Chain.

Ethereum to us was not a viable option, clearly due to all the crazy gas fees.
Binance Smart Chain was starting in its infancy, and were were monitoring how it unfolds. And boy that grew FAST!

Essentially our purpose in the expansion is three-fold:

  • First: Focus on growing the actifit community, expand our audience as well as the project overall.
  • Second: Introduce all those binance smart chain users to Hive. Hive is and will remain our main blockchain, where actifit core, lovable, and vibrant community lives!
  • Third: Introduce new DEFI options to our existing and upcoming users! Actifit and Hive were innovative in the concepts of delegation and token rewards based on delegation (our own AFIT yield farming by delegation which has been running for years now actifit farming, and with the large variety of options via farming and what not on DEFI (BSC), we are definitely looking to introduce those to our actifit finance portion!

In a nutshell, AFIT, AFITX (and possibly new token) are expanding to BSC. Token bridge? Liquidity Pools? Farms (orrrr something similar? :D), NF*s, Partnerships, Collaborations ?? Preparation is coming together very quickly, so expect next announcement VERY SOON!

We are still very committed to projects being built and expanded on hive, particularly with hive-engine (hey we're a witness, vote for our witness @actifit-he on Tribaldex.. shameless promotion :D) doing a lot of efforts on this side, bringing more DEFI to hive...

not to forget to mention work that team Leo / Cub and @khaleelkazi have been doing, hats off to you guys! (we are using for the first time leofinance to make posts, good indicator :D)

So in a nutshell, to growing hive beyond hive.. Let's GO!!

Actifit Tutorial On Maximizing Actifit Rewards

As part of our #operation_tutorial launched last week, we prepared another tutorial to our users out there to learn and understand more about how to improve their actifit rewards, covering aspects such as activity count, engagement, post content, user rank, gadgets and so on...
Make sure to have a look at the video. We posted on our favorite 3speak, as well as on actifit youtube channel. Videos below

Actifit Gadget Prize Draw Round #56 Results!

We are excited to announce the results of the "Actifit Gadget Prize Draw" #round 56, which took place on March 24 midnight UTC.


Over 4 days, the prize pool was 3.796 HIVE, and the winner of the draw was @browery. Congratulations !!

As round #56 of this contest concludes, round #57 already kicked off, and you have less than 4 days to take part and WIN!.

As announced before, the rules of the contest are simple:

  • As you buy gadgets using HIVE, you earn free tickets (1 per gadget) to enter the draw.
  • The more tickets you have, the more likely you are to win.
  • Keep in mind you need to have at least 1,000 AFIT to earn tickets to the draw.

Round #57 Started. Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

AFIT Market Buy Back

Also as announced in the contest rules, we committed to buy back AFIT on the market with 25% of the total amount used to buy gadgets. This amounted to 1.898 HIVE, which we used to place buy orders for AFIT on (we actually placed way more).


Did you stock up on your gadgets yet? Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

@actifit team