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TIMELOCKED hive posts using system perfected on (Inspired by taskmaster's post) using telos and eos (and hive one day ) has time locked posts so you can pay to see i dunno... insider info from @fyrstikken first for tokens lol


Hey everyone,
Discussions is launching a new feature today called TimeLocked Content and it's meant to help facilitate the process of supporting content creators on the Discussions platform while still keeping Discussions an open and public forum for, well, discussions.
To demonstrate the feature, I've placed a three-hour timelock on the post, which you can bypass by paying 1 ATMOS token.
We'll be adding EOS as a support token in TimeLocked Content early next week (and many more after), and we hope EOS content creators and fans alike can use this system to encourage more content about their favorite project!.


talk to @bigbluewhale here

and ask when we can add hive to discussions app (They wanted to add @share2steem and .... when we can bring their concept of TIME LOCKED HIVE POSTS using memo keys etc


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